What is your currency?
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I've been meaning to write about this for the longest time.

I spend a lot of my time thinking if behavior and personalities are by nature or nurture - and the closest I can come up with is "the core is by nature, but varied by nurture". The answer doesn't satisfy me as well as I would like it to.  But we will have to leave it at that until I find something more apt wtf.


I believe that we have advanced so much since the beginning of time that we lost track what is most important to us.

The common route we have been taught to go through was to 1. Graduate high school 2. Get through whatever highest education you can get 3. Get a job 4. Get married 5. Get children and finally, 6. Get your children in to college. It's no news, and it's not wrong - it was out of the kindest intentions of parents, based on their reality, when education was not just a pretty mask of a highly profitable business anyway.

Through that, we also learn - directly or indirectly - that money is important, and we need to work for money, because money is important. But for a lot of us, we have gone way past that. Sure, there are a minor portion of us who needs to make a living for survival, but a large chunk of us are privileged bitches who owns too many things we don't really need for "status".

In the era of technology and social media, amongst the fanciful OOTDs, pretty waffles, and well-coordinated feeds, a good 90% of things we see are facades we would like people to believe how our lives are like - airbrushed and perfect. Of course, there's nothing wrong with a beautiful picture that takes a respectable amount of patience and practiced skills to produce, but all I want to ask is this:

Is this really what you want? 

See, what I think is this:
I think that we have come so far that all we know are fragments of statements lost in translation.
We were taught to earn money, to love money, to need money, that we forget that money is a means - not an end. And this is where I ask:

What is your currency? 

What is the one exchange that is the most valuable to you? What is it you are working in exchange for?
For some of us, it is comfort - to have a comfortable life for your and the ones you love up to your standards. For some of us, it is freedom - the freedom to speak your truth, and be truly yourself.
But for most of us, it is sheer happiness, which could take many, many, many forms.

And if comfort, freedom, and happiness are their own form of currencies, any transaction is just a currency exchange, which would make a lot more sense than a cycle of unproductive madness really.

But we forget, don't we? We get so caught up with the expectation society have for us that are so uniformly standardized, as if we all have the same currencies; as if we all want the same kind of happiness; as if we all want to work in a cubicle of routine work that could be done by an AI within the next few years (I'm giving it 7).

What would you do if all jobs paid the same? 

I believe that some people stray from their passion because they learnt growing up that their passion was "stupid" or "low class", and I've always believed that a passionate person will always, in time, do the job better than even a skilled person, because you can't teach soul.  I mean, look at Marie Kondo making millions out of cleaning, and imagine the number of people who have given up their passion in cleaning because being a janitor was not a "professional job"?

I'm not mocking. I actually do know people who have given up their dreams of being a care-giver because it makes less money than a lawyer, and I know people who became doctors because their parents won't let them be fashion designers, deeming it not "practical" (their words, not mine wtf).

So, I ask you this:
Where will you be if you didn't know the unspoken hierarchy in careers? How will you live if you weren't taught that stability was ideal even though it meant living in a time capsule that things were constantly stagnant? What will you be like if you knew that having/executing different ideas only meant that you had an opinion that is as important as the next? Who will you be if you unlearned all the things that were noises to your decisions and loved only the things you truly loved? 
What is your currency - the one currency that is truly worthy for you to exchange with your limited time in your physical self?

I don't know where I'm trying to go with this, honestly.
But I know is this:
My currency is love and joy, and I would write, write, write my life away if I could. 
And you should be able to do all that you love. 


P.S it's probably a given, but not proof-read, as usual wtf

Thank you for reading! 
Haven't done open writing in a long time, and I missed it so much.
Not as mindless as I usually have them, but this is more a head-than-heart piece. (: 

Thank you for giving me a slice of your time in exchange for a piece of my thoughts. 
I hope the traffic is lovely and your parking is one of the nearest to the entrance x
I love you xxx

DYS: Be a person with a heart
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Dear younger self,

Since some time ago, I have decided that there is nothing I will warn you about and nothing I will tell you to avoid; because I have come to believe that for all things that happened / will happen - better or worse - there is something good that comes out of it; and that it is a form of respect and trust to let you figure it out on your own.

But there are little things I just wish and wish and wish I knew when I was younger and these are the things I write to you about. l also want to keep writing to you just simply because.

So much has happened since the last time I wrote to you.

There were ups and downs and a lot of rambling around, fall-outs and catch-ups, love and social discomfort (?) (Being in a state of constant uptight does not help articulating the situation, but it's definitely not hate or dislike. Selective withdrawal, if you must.) But I guess that's how things are like - fluid, ever-changing, different, in-movement, which can be exhausting, really. Most days I am well-up positive and grateful for being in a position I have so much to love for, but there are some off-days where everything is far too overwhelming and I pray I could stop time for a moment and just be for a bit, to take a breather and be actually living that just surviving.

Still, I do trust that something good will come out from all of this, so you just have to know that you'll be fine and alive and learning. If anything, you learn what you don't want, and get familiar with being comfortable with discomfort.

But that's not why I'm writing.

For the past few days especially, a lot has happened, and most parts I had to make difficult decisions to choose between my brain or my heart; responsibility or love; work or family and self. It's even harder when both decisions are logical and debatable and non-presidential, and the consequences were completely out of my hands.

To choose my heart, I will be a fully functioning person as opposed to being a human flesh A.I., but it will also mean I may have to face judgmental words simply because my act may come across as out-of-order.  To choose my brain will mean I have to swallow my heart and gut, and my heart is my person, and to lose that will mean a loss of identity when work has the majority share of your hours.

It was the one of biggest hurdle I've faced so far. I see it as an important one because this will set as a preliminary case and it will became a "we can do that, because we have done that".

I had to take a hard look at the facts and weigh my options and put thought into the risks. After churning my head and thought about it through and through, I chose to go with my heart. Which was not easy. I had to learn to draw lines I never knew how to draw, and I'm terrified of what may come, but my heart is oddly at ease.

One thing, ya girl here has done choosing the brain over her heart, and even though the experience was great, there will always be a little bit of bitter feel in the memories, because in my heart and gut, I feel the guilt of betraying myself. I have gone through enough to know that my gut always brought me the best memories, even if it meant cleaning up a big deal of mess after, my heart was light.

So hear me out, baby-self, no matter what, even if it meant facing the worst accusations, Be a person with a heart.
You're not a person without a heart. (But also weigh out your consequences cause you ain't a person without a brain either wtf)

The beauty of being human is exactly that: being human. You are flesh and blood and feelings and emotions. You are experience and joy and laughter and hardheartedness. You are decisions and good choices and mistakes and lessons. You are allowed to have all that.

But when you don't have a heart, you're just an unemotional wreck, who will be completely replaced by an AI eventually. Because I personally firmly believe that the only thing irreplaceable and completely underrated, is having a true self-awareness, which in turn will allow you to make decisions with your heart.

So, if you would only follow one thing I ask, please do this: Be a person with a heart, and bring your brain with you. Because that blob will do you good when you learn to align it with your heart. :)

As always, I love you.
Don't ever forget that.

Your beating heart 

P.S not proof-read as usual wtf

Thank you for reading!  
Dear younger self is turning into a open letter series lolol
It is terrifying to put myself out there like that,
but I chose to be a person with a heart.
And if I'm wrong, I will learn from this, 
but I have never regretted it (: (I hope wtf)

Thank you for taking a piece of me with you.
I hope the skies are extra pretty for you today x 

Blessed are the Ones
Apr 4, 2017 Tuesday, April 04, 2017 | 0 comments

Blessed are the ones,
who are genuinely kind;
the ones who take time to be wonderful,
and leave all they touch a little lighter. 

Blessed are the ones,
who are naturally loving;
the ones who feel the world with their heart,
and find joy in just being. 

Blessed are the ones,
who are generous in all;
the ones who know that the world is in abundance,
that all that is needed is provided,
and to give is to receive.

But also,

Blessed are the ones,
who are less sweet than bitter;
the ones who used to wear hearts on sleeves,
but were not given a heart in return.

Blessed are the ones,
who have their cups half empty (but still have a cup);
the ones who have the heart of gold,
but handicapped for having too much to lose.

Blessed are the ones,
who are lost and confused and a little sad;
the ones who know - or don't yet know - that this is not it,
that there is much more to learn and know and remember,
and love. 

For when they remember who they are,
they have so much to give. 


Thank you for reading! 
I don't know where I was going with this,
(then again, do I ever?)
but I know, as always, I love you.
And so does the tiny piece of me you will keep.

I hope mid-week is kind to you, 
and you will never have a day you'd wish away x

Love ,

Dear 20 year old self
Mar 26, 2017 Sunday, March 26, 2017 | 0 comments

Dear 20 year old self,

I'm sorry I haven't been writing. Thing have been bizarre and hectic and unfolding in all directions I'm so very overwhelmed.

I read the letter you wrote for all of us again. I'm so glad to be reminded, to recall, to reconnect - and I'm so sad. My heart tore and healed with every word, and there is so much I want to tell you.

As of today, you will be in the work force for a solid 16 months. A year and a quarter.

Honestly, I think things are both better and worse than we expected them to be.

We got into the white collar industry having no idea what to expect and petrified by the fragments of (unpleasant) experiences people share. Like all stories, the things said were tainted by opinion. You're going to hear all about it, and my advice is for you to take it with a grain of salt.

Most people we've got to meet at work are generally very very kind. They're so accepting and lovely and genuine. Last year, on our birthday, some of our team mates filmed a short video of them singing you a birthday song in the middle of work because you were 9.5k miles away (that's a story for another day). I consider them the gems of my entire worklife span to date, really.

And we were given amazing opportunities to do things like organizing events and hosting and writing speeches and dealing with words and people and just a chunk of things you thought you'd never get to do, and going to places we've dreamed of and eventually fall in love with.

I guess our luck never wears off. (;

Everything is magical and the universe is giving us everything we think we wanted, but I've never felt more distant from you. It wasn't until yesterday when I took a step back and realized how much I have lost touch with myself - with you.

There were so many conversations I've held with you in my head since then, consciously and unconsciously. Most of the time we end up with undone reflections because of uncalled-for distractions and strayed thoughts and being so emotionally drained and conflicted I'm almost afraid to think.

Recently, days have been longer and shorter at the same time; my words are both more and less, thoughts are both deafening and abstract, and my heart, both strong and weak. The child and the ego are screaming for attention, but the one I want to hear from most I can't seem to hear.

In one of the audiobooks I've been on lately (I have been very much into audio books lately. They work as beautiful white noises, and I'd like to believe and trust that the subconscious will work its magic.), there was a saying - I can't remember word for word, but paraphrased - "Isn't it unfortunate that we allow ourselves to be surrounded by the things that won't bring us joy?" and I feel like that was your encrypted message to me.

If you could see me now, I wonder what you would think.

P.S. I love you. And I miss you.

Your 23 year old self.

(also, P.S, have not proof-read wtf)

Thank you for reading!!
I'm sorry I have been away for far too long.
I have been meaning to blog for the longest time
but I think it is an unwritten rule for a "professional" to not share themselves wtf
For a long time, I felt robbed of my voice and I think I'd like to have it back now.
I might regret this, (I might not), but regardless, I'd like to remember this.
Thank you for taking a tiny part of me with you.
I hope Monday traffic treats you well 
Love you xx

[sp] Happy Birthday Althea!! #AltheaTurns
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Happy Birthday, Althea.kr!


Althea is named after the national flower of Korea, also known as the Korean Rose. In the language of flowers, the flower represents delicate beauty, consumed by love, constant, and perseverance.

Exactly a year ago, Althea.kr was founded to bridge authentic Korean beauty products to South-East Asia, being a one-stop shipping destination where consumers around the world can enjoy authentic K-beauty products at a reasonable price. 


If you didn't already know, I have been a huge fan of Althea's products since my first purchase with them. I am not paid to say this, but their products are really bombing good I've recommended so many things to so many people to Althea because I can't choose a favourite!

Probably should do a haul review post hahaha  

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Today, Althea turns one!! 

And to celebrate, there are a few things that will be happening from the 20th to 31 July 2016!!

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*Contest starts from 20th July - 15th August, 2016.

I've gotten mine hehe :p 

So, go go! Run along shop away! ♥ 

till next time hehe


Thank you for reading to the end! 
Finally had the time to post a post hahahhaha
I truly do hope you find things you will keep along side forever from Althea hehe. 
I'll make up for my long disappearance with a tiny haul post soon kayyy

I hope good news finds you fifteen times today c;
Love you xxx