Aug 15, 2009 Saturday, August 15, 2009 | 0 comments

yes, let me restart k?

*ahem* as i said, Sunway Pyramid today, jaccun-ed through the day...

Had Lunch at McD and Waffles at Dairy Fresh.. (my moneyyyyyyy *fly fly fly*)
They were promoting their new i-forgot-whatz-the-name-cuz-i-dont-give-a-damn theme park. The main happening of this new theme park would be the petting zoo. They showed off a few of the exotic animals they have.
mr. iguana
abit unhappy+lazy

main star is a.........

he's abit hyper XD

cute kan??

eventually, he came out of the cage and went running around the floor (^_^")

i fed it with some what i think is dog food from the trainer...ending up with a whole lotta saliva on my fingers > palm!!!!

And then went to a japanese food promo:

cute men the sweet container!!
^something like edible play-doh... make some food outta the doh in it and EAT IT!!!!
i bought this.. nice strawberry(^v^)

Later at night, mom wanted to go to giant to get some stuff for her event tml so had dinenr there..

my tom yam bee hoon set (^v^0)


haha, my mom wasnt there so i could capture pictures of my food like a jaccun XD

Damage on myself made today:-
>Breakfast: Toast with Jam + Egg + Milk -FREE thank god
>Lunch: McD Fillet-o-Fish (to large) - RM8.05
2 Dairy Fresh Waffle - Rm3.50 x2
>Snack: Japanese Chocolate - RM12.90

So there, again i used so much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!