Dec 3, 2009 Thursday, December 03, 2009 | 0 comments

strawberry on blackberry

Yes, it is mine!!! My new baby!! But sadly, it was a bit... ahem.. UN-real. I should have asked more questions before I decided to buy it. *sighs...* But still, I still appreciate it as much =)

It's finally holiday, and I can't wait for school to reopen. Guess I really like school? Laughs, pukes, laughs. I've spent the first week of my holidays being a parasite in my aunt's house. DELIVERING PIZZA.

HAHA, fooled you! Laughs. Its a very fun game. Immature, maybe, but still, highly entertaining. Induces a high frequency of adrenaline rush. I killed 3 and a 1/2 hours playing this game. How time flies when you are gaming =)

second addicted game

The ONLY game i love in my BB. It's cute =)


I FINISHED WATCHING THIS SHOW! (Considerably, but i skipped episode16 though...) This show is FAB! It really gives the thrill to continue watching it. But I hated the ending. It's not the story line being a kill-joy, the way they ended the show, it was like, the director got bored and decided to stop fliming. ARgh.. Potong steam.. tsk tsk tsk xS

I'm hungry. Think i'll go get something to eat. Oh wait, i have to brush my teeth =D