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• outfit: T-shirt and shorts.
• hairstyle: MESSY
• jewelry: 3 and a half pair of ear rings XD
• nail color: NA

do you:
• cut yourself: no
• lick yourself: pfffttt.... *remain untouched XD*
• whine a lot: during T&T nehhhhh
• yell a lot: TOO OFTEN
• have too many friends: hmm.. id let u judge =)
• want to die: sometimes =X
• do drugs: legally!
• wear dark colors: yesh!
• dye your hair: no...t yet...

have you ever:
• worn rainbow: NO!
• talked on the phone for over 3 hours: my longest was 7
• left the country: twice =(
• had a party with over 30 people: HELL YA
• stolen something: nothing serious i can recall (unless u consider taking people's pencil a crime)
• caught something on fire: YES IN THE KITCHEN
• cheated on someone: no one to cheat on PML
• wanted to cheat on someone: NO
• asked someone out: yeah, friend friend la

last person:
• you touched: my dad
• you talked to: my sista
• you hugged: Jasmine PML
• you instant messaged: random guy in Facebook

are you:
• understanding: i guess?
• openminded: i think
• insecure: hmmm...
• hungry: just had a huge lunch
• smart: I hope i was
• moody: dependsssss
• childish: i think mostly
• independent: YES
• hardworking: i tryyyyy
• healthy: try try try try try
• weird: we are teenagers! duh!
• difficult: i live above the line =P
• thirsty: yes......... thx 4 reminding..
• angry: no
• sad: neutral
• happy: not high
• reliable: i can keep secrets, but the house cleanliness? lets seeeeeee
• self-disciplined: I TRIEDDDD BOOHOO
• sleepy: i had a good
12 hour sleep yesterday =)
• lonely: i likey being alone =)

info about yourself:
• what is your birth name?: Daphne Poh
• what is your birthday day?: 14th December
• how tall are you?: rounded off to two sig.fig would be 160 XP
• shoe size?: 36?
• brothers/sisters?: a brother and a sister. both younger
• what is your favorite store(s)?: I worship petaling street =)
• color?:
baby pink, baby blue, lime green
• music?: all depending on my mood
• mall?: Sunway Pyramid =)
• ice cream?: Not a fan.
• roller coaster?: i love the
720 =)

in the last 48 hours:
• cried?: nope
• missed someone?: always been
• yelled at someone?: been yelled at, yes =(
• changed your underwear?: eh eh eh .....
• drove somewhere?: i just got home 6am!
• talked to someone on the phone?: nope
• been online?: like now?
• kissed someone?: NO
• hugged someone?: No.
• last thing you ate? Nasi Lemak, Toasts with eggs ft lotsa cheese!! and an almond cookie =)
• talked to someone about something important?: Yes, Add Maths PML

have you ever:
• been in love?: i dunno
• broke something?: yes
• betrayed a friend?: no
• played strip poker?: NO
• skipped school?: yes like duhhhh
• shot a gun?: haha.. can u shoot a gun? XD *imagine: "BIANG!" the gun died* LOL
• dyed your hair? nopeee

okay , last question.
•who is sitting beside you?:no one
•fav.sport?: ice skating! running! walking?
•are you a gay/lesbian?: i'm a bi =D
•been in plane? yes
•killed someone? no larrrr
•kicked your cat for the hell of it?: no but if the cat comes shitting near my house again i swear i will
•are you bored of taking this survey?: no, i'm bored THATS WHY i took this quiz
•what is the time now? 1248