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Hey people! School's been happening! HE has been high. The main reason has yet to be found. So far, we have a few hypothesis.

> 16 is the age to be high.
>The undigestible high burger.
>Cheese makes us high
>Salmon makes people high
>O levels makes people high
>We were born high PML

Laugh XD

Chinese New year is around the corner! I can't wait for all the gambling to start! And the Ang Paus! GAH!!!!!

I was clearing Cammy's memory. Found some pictures worth posting up.

Mom bought some candies from Tesco. It was meant for CNY but I was bored and decided to open it =D

Coconut soft candy

For those who didn't know, I love santan. So, i had a go for it.

after a bite

It claimed to have some filling inside. It was horrible! Seriously, it gave santan a bad name. Never buy that. NEVER.

Yesterday 5th February 10

I baked some cake and brought to school. They were so nice. I mean the people who ate them. I was disappointed with the cake. It was in a mess when i presented it thanks to all the shaking when I was carrying it. No one complaint about the cake. In fact they said they loved it.

meiyi, celine, jennli posing with the cake I baked

I cooked dinner too
! And cleaned up! Pro kan? pfffttt...

Set A: (for the non-fish people)
Chicken meatballs
with tomato beans in noodles

The whole thing was my recipe! Even the meat balls were made from scratch! bangga la =)

set B: (for fish people)
Baked Dory fillet in tomato beans with noodles
with extra cheese

Obviously, this is mine. I much favour Dory to chicken. It was nice! Not to mention healthy. I drained all the oil and washed all the dishes before using them! And very inexpensive. Totaling up the budget of whole of Dinner for 4pax was around Rm14 excluding head cost. Preperation time was a tad long. 1hour plus. PML

HAha... Thats all for today!

Oh yeah, i put back my Cbox too =)