Mar 19, 2010 Friday, March 19, 2010 | 0 comments

It had been such a long time since we went out as a family (minus brother) midnight! due to my dear mother who doesn;t need to work the next day, we get supper!!

It was hard to choose where to eat tho. We had mamak 2times this week wtf. At last, we decided on....

Fat Man Lut Lut!!!
The sitau XD

They have BBQ service!! First time ever i tried this!!!! I was hoping we get to do it ourselves tho

eee... snow crab ><

After filling up our stomach, we noticed the store beside was selling tau-hui so....... eat lorrrr XD

Idk about you, to me the name is farrrneee XD

The tau-hui and tau-chui we ordered banished in the matter of minutes. We left right after finishing the last drop.. (it's no starbucks) haha.. Went home and Chor Dai Dee. i lost. wtf.

I spent the rest of the night reading via on9 for 2hours, and watched Challenging staring Angelina Jolie. I give it a double thumbs up! And slept at 6.20am. wtf.


Woke up 10.45am. which means 4hours 25minutes sleep. pml. Mom had to do stuff before fetching me and Denise to somewhere-to-spend-some-mother-daughter-time. I was starvingggg... since the night before. wtf.

We decided to hang at Strawberry Fields first. Then we decided to eat something. End up eating lunch there. laugh....

strawberry yogurt cup.

blueberry cheesecake

The yogurt cup was, soso.. but the cheesecake was FABULOUS!!! in my opinion, it is better than Secret Recipe's.

strawberry milkshake

Super best!!!! I love it so so so so much!! We also had a caramel machito?? Which taste exactly like white coffee.

We had each a set for lunch too. I forgot to take picutes again wtf I will remember next time XD

i hope you miss me =)