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Exam. Is. Finally. Over. Which means it is result time.. *gulpsssss* can die. Pftt....

Last week, I spent my weekends studying. I could have been ice skating. thankyouverymuch H1N1 PML

Exam times are seriously boring. I can't go out without feeling guilty, but I can't study without being sleepy. PML.

Mom came back with some Egg tarts. I saw a chance to run away take a break from studying. PML PML PML PML.

the blueberry cheesetart .

Mr.Orangeface I hand made one k

Of course I didn't let Mr. Orangeface nom-nom my BB-cheese tart lar.
BB cheese tart willingly let me eat him/her/it (indecisive)

It was damn yummy!! 843681 thumbs up! =D


Normally we have dinner at 8++ pm. That day, idk my dad ki siao or something, 6++pm, he told us to get ready for dinner. PML. Which means no time to study. so, teacher, if my exam cacat, you know who to blame la har... XP

Super bored in the car.
sis, bro, moi

(sis-ku dun approve the other photo with her full face. PML)

bro, daphnessity

I. seriously. did. not. teach. him. that. ==

The next thing i knew, 8pm. I fell asleep. 2 hours. PML.
I seriously was tired. not really.


Turns out, my dad brought us to...


Didn't see that coming. But hey, I love temples =D not really.

It was very dark, so, all my pictures fail. PML PML PML

the only nice one =(

there was a ceremony. i went reading


Finally, we went to dinner. Guess what. 9++pm. So much for being early. PML.

the after

As usual, forgot to snap the before makan picture. ==/ haih...

ze bill: RM 144

Okay, seriously, it wasn't THAT good. The crab were like egg shells in oil. PML.


After dinner, we went to uncle Lai's house. We were the only children there. The rest were idk 3,4 years older than me. And all they do is CS CS CS CS CS. Langsung no key. PML

I nearly died there. Luckily there have Disney Channel. PML. So I spent my time there watching Disney cartoons. until 3am. When I am supposed to study.

you see la, how to get good grades?

Pffftt... signing off.


wasabi peas!

Thx ChinLi! =)

eeniemeanieminimolover =)