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Yay! I'm finally very close to my goal weight! I'm finally officially "not too thin"!! So happy nao =D
(FYI, I spent RM180 purely on weight gain powder. My (aku, saya, ngai, ngo, wo, wa, moi) money. PML)

I'd been inspired by Debbeh and Tehtarikdrinker to write this post. (trying to be pro la nao PML)

Quoting TTD, "For every man that has ever been with a woman, we know the obsession of the female persuasion to losing weight. " So true. I mean, I'm 17. I have seen ENOUGH to prove me right. Some people can't handle being normal . Some people have dreams to be a shirt-rack-like model. Some people want to be skinny cuz their BOYFRIENDS ask them to be. To me, this is pure shallow. No offence.

Having a dream to be a shirt-rack model is good. but in case you haven't got the memo, skinny models are banned. Don't believe me? Click HERE to see for yourselves.

But never forget, there ARE people who just eat and sleep and complaint they are too thin. Mostly guys. PML. But I do know a couple of girls who have that problem. I am was (!! =D) one. And it is NOT fun. You're getting an inner scoop here.

1. Nagging is For-EVER!and i don't mean nanging.
This may be the most irritating thing to happen. I have been teased/asked/threatened/forced to eat more. Some people ASK why i am so thin. PML? But that's their way of showing care. They "talk". They just want to know if you are taking drugs what's wrong. =) sweet, but, please la.. talk private can? =/

2. Friends are not-as-friend-like
Come on. Girls gossip. Everything. From super hottie Jesse McCartney to... Justin Bieber. No offence. They ALSO talk about Nicole Richie looking half-dead, Lindsay Lohan losing massive weight by abusing drugs Paris Hilton being a bitch and so on. But when I walk up, I know they are being kind, they just shut up. It's a real heart breaker, knowing your friends cant tell you everything ='(

3. Underestimated
I. Am. So. Sick. Of. This. In my ex-school, my teacher hesitated to let me enter the 4x800m race because she wasn't sure I "boleh tak". Fuck her I even had a teacher telling me to skip PJK. PML. Seriously. WE might be skinny, we have wayy more energy than you. (btw, i did well in my 4x800m, I also did the 4x400m and 4x1200m)

4. Shopping *sighs*
I am going shopping if I get good results for my exam. PML. One thing about being skinny, is being under-average, which is seldom, which means no market. Bottom-line, NO SIZE. It's sad. Really really sad. Size S acts acted like a M. And thanks to "vanity sizing" things got even uglier. THE WORST PART WAS I MISSED THE DENIM JEANS UP-TO-90%-DISCOUNT-SALES!!! PML PML PML PML!!!

Anyways! Those are History! I am normal nao! Not too skinny! Ha =D!

To my dear was-same-kind, gambateh! you can do it! =D

Nang it if you like it =D

im so happy nao =D