Jun 26, 2010 Saturday, June 26, 2010 | 5 comments

Before I start,

watch this.

How many did you get wrong?

When I was younger, guys shouldn't stare in the mirror longer than 2minutes, or they are considered vain. But now....

Yes, I have guy friends who use power-less color contact lens, style their hair every 5minutes, wear long-sleeve-T-shirt + sweat shirt + tie in a 32 degree Celsius field just to look good and have hair longer than mine. -.- They are great people. And they have girl friends. And their girl friends love them. But that's out of point.

THE THING IS. In the old days, guys-who-want-boy-friends are NA. geez i sound old -.- And now? we can't even differentiate guys from girls?

This is great man.

Imagine one day, your girlfriend tells you "err, honey, I have a confession. I was a man. " WTF? Then how? Break up?

Or, imagine. Your son goes idk-where to further HIS studies and come back as a HER. With a BOYFRIEND (god knows if the boyfriend WAS a girl.) Really FYL max you know.

Then if all the guys becomes girls, then girls how? become guys a?

this is how i look like as a guy.

Not too bad, i think. Maybe I should be a guy?


p.s. No offence for guys who are vain love themselves. It's good to be vain. Stay tune for my next post in importance of being vain. =)

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