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So rigggghhhttt.

20th of Feb the Sunday, 
I went to Mid Valley with The Do to meet The Wanted. He said I was the first name to pop up in his mind. ;D

He bluff one wtf -.-

Of course I went lah. I mean, jakun sikit. I've never been to any like sho-near-can-touch-ze-famous-people concert lah :D 
Wait, I've never been to any phemus people concert wtf. 

I wanted to see The Wanted. geddit? geddit? :D 
I find it funny, no? Shallup.

the Do and the Daph :D 

then I got bored. 

Quite the troublesome lah. But it was worth it loh. See? Nice right nice right? :D 
I showed the Do. 
He said "Yer."

Okay lah. Have to give face cuz he's my creditor, and i'm a debtor. Accounts. ftw -.-


Dear mister person-who-is-driving-this-car, we have absolutely no intention to steal your car. Even though we are staring with our eyes wide open and the face almost smashing on the window. Regards. wtf. 

No, really, I was just staring at the Angmor kid at the passengers seat. -____________-
Ps. I get to use the long -________________- cuz my face grew fat wtf. -.-  

So right so right, we were SUPPOSED to play laser tag with The Wanted. But they only gave ONE ticket. cuz they are the ONE-ted. Not the Two-ted. wtf. 

So the Do went lah. Bertolak ansur menjamin harmoni. Wtf wtf wtf. the Do's round ended at 3. He called me back upstairs lah :D 

red spots are The Wanted. other colors are... the rest.
Then right then right...


Pictures below are NOT zoomed in.
read: Yes, I sedang ber-lanci I was so near The Wanted. MUAHAHA xD


SIVA! <3 

and the rest available in google thanks (: 

HAH! xD Sorry lah i hanya suka this 2 LOL.

Do and a Wanted Fan. 
HAHAHA kipas yang dihendaki HAHAHA

Er, basically right, we both are not exactly kipas-es lah. we went there cuz he had tickets HAHAHAH. 

Then then then we went to makan again. Ini Do cannot stop eating one wtf.

mine :D 

Yea it's happy meal. wtf. Okay lah, call me immature loh. At least I is happy and get nice toys. :D 

Please spot his shirt. 

He said he wore that shirt so other people cannot shoot him in the laser tag game wtf. LOL

See? This is the movie line. 

Never go mid valley on Sundays. Moondays also better not. 

After Idk what meal you call it, we went to The Curve. At the parking lot. Some idk swear-on-cheese-never-met-before stranger winked at me. But right but right, he winked so hard it looked like his face Chao-gan. So I laughed. HAHAHAHAHA

*ignores silince*

*ahem* out of point paiseh LOL

Blah blah blah. 

So we met these 2 *spazz* hot girls lah. Super uber friendly :D 

Michelle, Peyzhu, don't know who wtf, the Do. 

I wasn't myself lah that day. D: I was so damn quiet. Cause right, someone ruin my mood. You know who you are! ;D  wtf he doesn't even read my blog. fuckachino. -.-

Okay fine, I was still being a Daphne wtf.

HOT mag took a shot of us too! :D Quite nice lah. Tall people take picture memang nice wtf.

We waited for 1hour i think. Sien die me. I should have just been sesat a little longer. wtf.

But it was worth it lah! ;D Hot guys so near? Mmmmmm :P

Super lazy to upload la. Nothing to see also. Cuz I was in a position where all i could see were hands and hair. wtf. luckily no hairy hands. wtf wtf. 

michelle got a autographed album! D: mad jealous.

I think la. the DJ was about to ask me on the stage. Thank cheesus he didn't. I know anything about them other than that they are hot wtf. 

And Heart Vacancy :D 

They are really nice people (: As if being hot is not enough wtf. 


last picture of the day. (:

It was good lah. It was good. :D 

Okay i need to sleep d. nites loves <3