Feb 18, 2011 Friday, February 18, 2011 | 0 comments

the sisters (: 

Dear Denise, no i'm not going to remove this picture. Get over it. =D

I mean I still love my blog and everything, but seriously, WHERE GOT TIME! D: Okay fine, it's just my poor time management ftw. -.-

I'm already super duper behind homeworks. Like can die type. And, adding up with assignments, coursework, presentations and a flaggy computer? I get tempted and eat some cheese. wtf.

Oh well, Chinese new year passed. I lost weight. IN YOUR FACE PAIKUAH JEEVINN. LOL Really, don't ask me how come lose weight. I ate like a pregnant woman... and am still eating like one. ftw -.-ll

Valentine's day was... funny. I found out that some girls bought flowers for themselves. In case they didn't get any. HAHAHA. 

I spent mine spazzing and being weird. I is happy like zat :D 

Happy Chinese New Year! 
Happy Valentine's day! 
Happy ChapGohMei! 
Happy Belated Birthdays! 

And, just in case: 

Happy March! 
Happy March people birthdays! 
Happy Baskin Robins Day in March! :D 

If i really dont update after March... I am most prolly dead fml. 
choi! *touchwood* 

Kthxbye ;)
Don't let me regret this. Please Please Please. 

And I said yes.