Jun 15, 2012 Friday, June 15, 2012 | 4 comments

Does it scare you that my posts may not be about you anymore?

So last night like 2am laidet my friend and I decided to go Neway wtf. It was so random. At first we were just talking about how yummy Cheras dimsum taste like and the next minute we just jumped on the decision to Cheong K. wtf. 
I should really do something about my impulsive decision making-ness and be more organized lolol 

The two of us sang for a good 4hour! More like screaming la but close enough la HAHA 
Mad fun okay who said cheong K need a lot of people one. To be honest I prefer going out one-on-one than going out with a whole bunch. So difficult to layan all at the same time and I love all of them I don't want to pick who to be together with but if I don't then I will accidentally ditch people in the middle of a convo one. I blame ADHD wtf. 
Then after that he had something to do so he went back first and naturally I went shopping HAHAHA 
I only shopped for like half an hour and I managed to spend 60 bucks WTF. Sigh really cannot leave me alone in the shopping mall one. BUT everything was worth buying la so it's cool. B|

I bought new hair dye! Reddish brown cause I cannot find purple wtf. I hope this time the color shows la. The last time I dyed no color come out like how can! I paid hundred over bucks leh :( 

And I promise to take more pictures next time okay? My camera dieded. (Have to use dieded cause idk how many times the camera died liao then revive so I'm still hoping one day it'll miraculously become better wtf) 

Tbh I was like so emo just nao I thought I'll just cincai update my blog la cause today was an interesting day and one of the days I want to recall when I grow old wtf. Then I started blogging and realized that in comparison with the good things, the un-good things are pretty insignificant. My day was really not bad at all. :) 
I'm really grateful for all the wonderful people in my life. I cannot believe my luck, really. The amount of good people I have in my life and all the good things that happened/happens in my life, really, I'm so thankful for all these. :')