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yeah baby! Saturday and Sunday were awsome! Ate alot of nice nice foods!!


the cheese looks damn good kan? it goes very very x191135176374 well with my toast and fried egg^^ yum yum yum!! haha.. breakfast at 11.15am what the hell.. Lunch was horrible okay... maggie mee sial how nice can it be? Then went to Klang pasar bought
bubbletea.jpg (320×240)
bubble tea!! obviously this is not mine

and pandan ice
z134969809.jpg (300×400)
looks like that this is from google
*no picture available* ate it wayyy to fast before it melts...


pandan cake^^
Dinner we had
curry mee


chee cheong fun

My cousin is back from Aussie! damn miss her weii...


she bought back
so far haven't seen it in Msia... not bad weii abit heavy la...

don't think this is from Aussie but it is DAMN NICE
i love strawberry

damn nice weiiiiii

After all the makan-ing only can play with C.Junior!!!

cute kan??

the table in their living room
yes it is real money


we went to aquaria with my grandma.. damn happy siaaa... 1st time she go KL with us.. damn gan jiong ^^
chocolate from dubai
i ate more than 30 biji =.=" later fever ...



Auntie give 1...
obvious enough is Msia product =.="

looks nothing like dried guave
taste UN-nice

In KLCC adi!!

Big mama & kakak

real sea cucumber@@
yes that is my hand

shark embryo

see the tail??

feeding session

my bro and diver
lolx the diver damn semangat

for more pictures view my facebook

After that we headed out to have picnic!! 4someting pm lunch wth

. . . . . . .

. . . .

. .

i was so hungry i didnt take any pictures...

i ate 4plates of mama's fried bee hoon and 3bowls of red bean soup and the balance of all the chocolates^^
and every kind of food there!!!

Went home bloated and tired...

needed some dragon-fruit enzyme to help digest (x-X)

supper 9.45pm:-
they call it "sea bird's-nest"
i have no idea

that's all folks!!!!

xoxo says me