what a day!!
Aug 27, 2009 Thursday, August 27, 2009 | 0 comments

count down - days to hiphop competition: 2DAYS major freak out

Today again went to HuiXuan's house suppose to practise dance. Ended up walking to summit to buy competition outfit. yes it is correct WALK!!! 29minutes woohoo! *jaccun* It was so hot k, within 10minutes time i was already nearly chao-da. HuiXuan kena gastrick on the way there cuz she havent had lunch. Jenn somemore keep making us laugh. I tell you, this girl is wayyyy crazier than 10 of me added up together. Kenzhi, Andrew, Liyon walked ran to Shell to buy her a 100plus sweet kan? Fuyoh, hero sangat *applause* Legs aching like shit when we reached Summit. Met-up with the white Meiyi at McD sat there, pesan cold drink, rest wait for HuiXuan to finish makan.
my coke light

i just noticed the pictures on the cup have different designs!!!

Thankfully,we were able to find the long socks we were looking for!! Hoorah!! and Meiyi bought a shirt i should have bought also *regret* Mission accomplished, celebrated by going to arcade LOL damn fun weii XD

Later at 5something we started to panic. abit our parents don't know we are at Summit. The rain made it impossible to walk home. at first we wanted to halt a cab but fail la.. Then we decided to go by bus. THANK whoever-blessing-us the bus came!!! The bus we needed to go back to usj1 was one of the hardest bus you can get!!

jaccuned in the bus

macho men in the house!!!


die also want to camwhore

Had to stop a few hundred meters from HuiXuan's house. It was still raining. We were running in the rain whooo~~~

*no pictures available*

Reach the house > dry our selves > relieve!!!!

It was scary k, Andrew's mom called on the way back OMG i freaked out men =.="

tomato soup with lotsa cheese!!!!

i cook k XP