Christmas in Melaka
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peeps! =) my post for Melaka trip!! =D

Dah, busted. The previous post of Christmas Celebration was on 24th. peeps =)

On THE Christmas, Gang MaMa-ku brought us to Melaka. how many times have i said this? LOL

The journey was effish long. And we went the wrong way. Go figure! I slept more than alot on the way. cuz i kinda slept like, 3.45am last night and was summoned to wake up at what 6.15am?

In the car,

Mr.Mah kk* > Maggie jj*

红颜回首 XD

Gang Mama-ku's Car

i get bored =)

I killed a nyamuk aedes btw!

but i'm nice enough to ask for permition before i upload it.

so, can i? =)


Finally we reached. I was worried we would wound up in Thailand ROFL

It was already 11.30am. The Muffins and Currypaps I had for breakfast was digested long while ago ;P.

We were all starved. Especially Maggie jj*. o.O

Parking was hectic! Almost impossible to find a spot. Gawn. Ended up parking near Jonkers Street in front of San Shu Gong.

Headed right into the Chicken Rice shop in front of it after toilet emergencies =P

It was a fair wait. wtf how hard can it be? it's all ready made.

jaccuned abit as i was bored

(Mah kk n Maggie jj in Melaka Malaysia ROFL)




Obviously, we were starved. Couldn't be bothered. LOL

I didn't like it. First of, the service was horrible. The boss dulan-ness made me dulan. He is really confident that his shop's fame i can see.

Which i don't doubt too.

the amount of people queing up for balls XD

It's not even lunch time !!

the dulan boss

The chicken was too oily. The rice was not close to fantastic plus, i am not a rice fan. AND THEY DON'T HAVE DARK SOY SAUCE!

whathell! Eating chicken rice without dark soy sauce is like eating Nasi Lemak minus sambal, Putu mayam tanpa santan, Egg Tart without the skin, Curry Pap TAK PEDAS!!! WTH!!!! minus mark GAHHHHHH....

After lunch (which took only 20minutes) we went back to the SSG.

saw canggih thing to make fish-waffle thing and decided to try.

it's fish form LOL

It was,... i'm not sure actually. Not special. i don't really remember LOL. Chicken rice taste over whelmed.


jaccuned abit in while waiting for mom to try the oh-so-must-try-or-will-die durian cendol


me > Sar yi > Maggie jj > Michelle jj

maggie jj > Sar yi

Da Legendary Lulian Cendol (not open)

lepas kacau

Actually, we bought both Durian and Ori. They both look a like. So, bare with it. =)

The cendol was good but i preffer the one in Penang. The Durian one was... okay... Acceptable by people who dislikes durian like me.

Obviously they were not posing for me =P

me with cendol (idk lulian or not)


After the oh-so-soothing Cendol, we headed to Jonker Street.

My sur name =)
Mom got Dad and herself this as their Anniversary Present. How sweet =)

aku pulak tak da jealous-ing

As we walked, i saw these two kids selling Ding Ding Tong . Damn cute. They can really talk!!!

and we walked and walked and sweat and walk and.....

saw this

and bought it =D

Okay, not a Melaka thing but still, trying new right? XD

Seriously, Melaka is a very big place. Not use to walking so much. Therefor the lazyness daysss after >P

Went to somewhere after that. I forgot the name. does it even have a name? Tell me if you know this place =P

take 1#

take 2#
(edit: this photo is specially uploaded because of Mr. Mah) LOL


I did some camera shots !!!

take 1#

yeng lehhhh.......

take 2#

got feel righttttt????


credits to
Lin Wen Lee, Billy Ng, Brandon Poh

Walking walking walking walking walking walking walking walking

Walking walking walking walking walking walking walking walking

Walking walking walking walking walking walking walking walking

process cut

Next Destination: McDonald

LOL Go Melaka makan McD pulak ==

Everyone was tired and the boys wanted burger so hell yeah! i get Coke! =P

me and the holly cold Coke

I know I cha la..


After stopping by at the air-conditioned, seat-provided, endless Coke-refilling McD, we started walking again. sorry leggy =(

We went to A Famosa.

before walking

models in the cave wth

at the top

got feel lehh.... my product again XD

err.. my mom.. don't get what i mean

but still beh pai beh pai

take 1#

take 2#

director : moi =)

my mom's photography oso beh pai

but my face look pukish

i don't even remember taking this picture wtf

the big groupie =)

Szeyan and Denise's sexay back LOL

Oh! and raymond's sexay face =D


last picture in Melaka =)



(ps. The excuse REASON is that everyone was starving dahhhhh.... )


Back at Home:

My reviews on the followings that we only tried after we reached home =)

No1# Ding Ding Tang

right: ginger; left: sesame

The Sesame one is better than the gingered one. =) Ginger one was a tad too spicy.

No2# Durian Kaya
Not a durian fan. I still tried!! Unlike some poeple LOL. And I Don't likey.

No3# Sat Kei Ma

Not bad. Not too sweet. But ... still sweet. XD




Dear self,

> too much sweet... too too too much sweet. GAHHHH!!!!!!!
> god dammit go study.
> sweet is banned !!!! GAHH

milktoof is cute=)


(p.s.: I am eating coconut tart from Mun Kei as i type)

whole view



I guess i don't like sweet anymore? =/



* kk : kor kor
*jj : jie jie

loves =)