Kenny Rogers =)
Dec 21, 2009 Monday, December 21, 2009 | 0 comments

familiar with this?

Okay, I admit i am an utterly-serious-cased shua gu. Last Sunday night was my ever-first time dining in Kenny Rogers'. *GAH* I KNOW! My parents, actually dad, claims he doesn't fancy KRR. But we had a voucher for a FREE quater meal set as compliment to TWO sets. So my mom brought my sister, brother and duh me. I promise i will be rich when i grow up and bring my parents to a BIG FANCY restaurant!!!!!!

On the way there,
i saw this! LOL

I know it is retarded but doesn't look like a Charlie Chaplin thing? stuck in the rocks LAUGHHHSSSSSSSS

the voucher

We had soup for starters.

For each set, we can order 3 side dishes (no beverages ==). We ordered mash potatoes, fruit salad, macaroni and cheese, garden pasta salad, potato salad and garlic parsley potato as compliments to the two original and a black pepper quarter meal.

Oh, we had 3 muffins too.

To be honest, the cheese were not cheesy, chicken was no where near less fat, muffins were not oven hot, they used canned pineapples for the fruit salad, pasta salad was soso, THE SOUP WAS DARN EXPENSIVE it wasn't FANTASTIC. the mash potatoes were OK. The chicken was .... fine. Just, fine.

obviously, my brother is less picky on food than i am =)

Fun Fact: DID YOU KNOW....??? Kenny Rogers (singer) has NOTHING to do with Kenny Roger's Roasters?

i didn't =P

Then we went shopping in Jusco.

puny shoes!!!

IT WAS SMALLER THAN MY PALMS!!!! and i have small hands so, go figure! =)

We walked and walked and walked for 3hours ++!!

On the way back,
see that thing be side the stearing wheel?

close up


My mom who am i kidding? EVERYONE IN THE CAR FREAKED OUT! Even after the friggin lizard was out of the car i was so paranoid i refused to put my legs on the floor. which caused a hell-lotta nagging.




updates on my current addiction:

am currently whacking on the 3rd bowl =D

Milo makes me HIGH!!!! I don't know DON'T CARE WHY!!!!

you really don't need to see that face =)

i even have a MILO SPOON!!!!







i love mine chunky! what about you? =)