30th December Boy =)
Jan 2, 2010 Saturday, January 02, 2010 | 0 comments

30th December was the day my brother officially turned 10.The start of double digits!!
pffffttt i don't even remember =P sowwieee

Celebration was held in our own house!!

Man of Honor: kacau sial Sir Brandon
Sub-Honored Person: Moi =)
Guest of honor: Dad, Mom, Sister

So yeah, the 5 of us. Dad cooked dinner!

Set A: The chicken combo set

Pfffffttt, what to do. The Man of honor dun likey fishy... Not to mention guest of honor loves fried chicken. Yes, i'm about to you Denise. laugh! XD

Set B: Fish-Chicken combo

Ours =)

I successfully made MASH-POTATOES!!!! peeps =D I! Me! Myself! Moi!
pffffttt.. I don't care if I sound like a jaccun. At least I cook! Blek!

gotta estimate better to make sure not too much left overs tho..

ze green tea cake

It was nice. Abit heavy on the cream. But I had 3 slices that night and another 4 the next day. wtp... I don't even like cakes. WTF.

brother with the cake.

I think he was high over something. He loved the cake! He had 5 HUGE slices. pffffttt

us blowing the candle
(ignore my face)


Guess What Happened Next?!!

Story line A:

We ate it straight-away.

But mom refused to let us do so and made us CUT it.

so Brandon took the knife and wanted to stab it.

But Daphne came to the rescue!!!

" Stop IT! YOU ARE HURTING GRINTY (green tea)! !"

" I will NOT LET YOU!!"
"Let GO!! (attempts to punch)"

"Owh come on man... "
"You are DOOMED!!!"



Story Line 2#
we cut the cake.

with my brother's eyes closed.


pffffttt... we ACTUALLY spent a whole lotta time taking pictures XD until dad and mom Beh-Tahan.. peeps


I made my brother a birthday card =)

100% hand made!!!!

attached voucher pffffftttt


well, that was it!

A very happy day =)

my brother and the cards LOL

(he is just being farrrneee)

owh?! I cut the cake too =P even thought it is not my ACTUAL birthday cake.

mine was this

=) tata! Loves!!

- i love you, you love me =) -