Goodbye Mr. Lee =(
Jan 22, 2010 Friday, January 22, 2010 | 0 comments

May you rest in peace Mr. Lee

Mr Lee was a very great man and was always in a fine mood. He was a big help in school and was friendly in a very familiar way. From what I heard, he is a very loyal friend as well. His hard work and great deeds will not be forgotten.


I feel so bad. I can't even find a picture of Mr. Lee. I went through pages of "friend's photo" in facebook. I reached page 23, still no sign of him. Until now (page42) I gave up. I cannot believe it, none of his photo. Not even featuring him. I feel so stupid. How could I be so ignorant?

I have to admit, I was scared of him at first. Come on, he looked like a dai kor. But as time past, I didn't bother much. I took for granted! I seriously regret it. If only time could go back.

I was shocked the day teacher broke the news. It was so sudden! 5days before, we saw him. He was fine, working still. And then now.........?

Suddenly I feel, life is so fragile. We are always in a touch-and-go situation. Life is so short. Life is so unpredictable.


Cherish every moment with the ones you care about.

Life is too short to hate.