My Favourite Mamak =9
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WE are Malaysians. One thing I love about being a Malaysian is the variety of culture. One thing I LOVE about the variety of culture, is the variety of FOOD!!!

I LOVE mamak! First the relaxed atmosphere; next, the 24-hour service; and, IT's CHEAP. =P

Last notice, I reviewed on Aladdin mamak, which is over-priced and the food is ... uelek...
Now, I here by introduce my favorite Mamak.



I forgot the name. pffffttt But ANYWAY, we call it "The Bk3 Mamak". The Family Mamak. =)

NOW! the food =)

tom yam mee hoon
rate: 4 out of 5

I just LOVE tomyam! Definately the best tomyam I ever ate. Price: RM4.00. Definately reasonable! 1 star was deducted because it had too little onions and I prefer it better served in the claypot. But still, THUMBS UP!!

curry mutton
rate: 4.5 out of 5

Spice lovers! Heads up! This is a dish you will go "gaga" about. The aroma of it is FAB-BU-LOUS! Definately a super economic! For a price of RM3, they serve a fairly large serving. Enough to go with 2 pax! AND! If you only take the curry, they give it for FREE.

These are my staples! I LOVE THEM!

Oh! The boss-boss kalian there are very sporting too!!

One of the boss

I asked one of the boss to pose for me pfffffttt...

Can you see his cap? Patriotic kan? =D

peeps =)