sushi yu shang!! LOVES
Jan 23, 2010 Saturday, January 23, 2010 | 0 comments

Today mom decided to bring us to Summit for some Chinese new year shopping. But all I could focus on was food. I was hungry. All I had since morning was 2 slices of bread with peanut butter and cheese. The moment I stepped foot into Summit, something cought my eye:

I've been craving for sushi since the past few weeks! Sushi has been my favorite! who doesn't love sushi? Plus, I looked forward eating the Salmon Yee Shang MY told me about.

Granted, my mom brought us to eat there. But we had some potato bread before heading in. LOL. At first we only wanted to try the Yee Shang, but then the temptation of sushi! ARGH! We lost. pfffttt...


Octopussy XD
My standard must-have.

I forgot to take picture of the rest PML shyt

the yee shang (before putting the sauce)

after putting the sauce

For only RM8.88 the serving is fairly big actually. The salmon yes only one was quite a piece! LOVEsss!

Totaling up the bill, RM 44.70 for 3 person PML. I wasn't even half full yet. GAHH..



Back at home. Yesterday, I went over-gaga of with the marriage of dessicated coconut and honey. So today i decided to improvise it. I married the same both with cincau. I got this:

white on black LOL

Reminds me of Random Society. why? haha...

It is sweet but not too sweet =)

I popped a lot of corn today too!! but it never managed to the top of the tupperware because i kept eating it wtp LOL