Why I like it Longer
Jan 19, 2010 Tuesday, January 19, 2010 | 3 comments

Before I even start... take a look.



Guys, please don't drool. Or at least clean the table after.

NOW! look...

Obviously this picture was photoshop-ed.

Haha, potong-steam right? pfffttt... But imagine if models were this short. Or rather, celebrities...

Reason 1#

Sorry to say, short bite-sized people like me are just not meant to be ambassadors for Levi's or Lees. The length of the legs are not enough to emphasize on the brilliant designs and cutting of jeans. Come on, live above the line and admit, WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE LONG LEGS. I mean, Oompa-loompas modelling?! I'm so preffering 2012.

Reason 2#

Choose :



Long lashes has been in the market since forever. Fact is everyone LOVES LONG lashes. It makes girls look girly and guys look girly too dreamy. Even in surveys, most guys owned up and confessed they look at girl's eyes more than boobs .

Reason 3#
No doubt, Eva is HOT is whatever, but her LONG curls definitely compliments her face! I just love her hair! AND!
See what you can do with long hair? You can even cut it *blek*

Reason 4#
I SOOO NEED A LONGER PENCIL BOX. My calculator is too big ;(

Reason 5#
10 minutes sleep is so tak shiok. Call me a lazy bum, i sleep A LOT. My mom needs a lot of sleep too. or else she will....

... become this.

Last but not least,

LG BL40 - Nuffnang Blog Post 150110 (Final)_html_m26029407

The LG chocolate is back!!! LG’s new Chocolate phone (BL40)!!

It’s a refreshing break from standard mobile phone designs with its uniquely
long shape that allows for a 4-inch widescreen.
Complete with a 5.0 Mega Pixel camera this fully touch screen phone with multi
touch function features LG’s proprietary S-Class UI that offers the
best in finger-friendly 3D graphics, intuitive responsiveness and easy accessibility.

Tempted? Grab your chance to Win this phone! More info at nuffnang.com/Lg. =)

loves and kisses!