100th post for CNY
Feb 15, 2010 Monday, February 15, 2010 | 0 comments

ROAR!!! what a great start!! 100th post!!!!!! Happyyyyyy =)

I'm at my relative's now. therefor, no pictures!!! Pfffftttt... XD

Anyway, since it IS chinese new year, i decided to jot some resolutions:

1. Live above the line - honesty

I shall admit my mistakes and PROMISE NOT to do it again. I shall be honest on judging my priorities. I shall be real. I shall be myself =)

2. Listen

From now on,

inner-daphne; outer-daphne

stop playing computer and go study!

if you don't respect yourself, no one will

3. study more more more more more plus 95% concentration

come on, setting realistic goals. Being honest. (see above)


How badly do i want it? How badly do i need it? Which is more important? Why? When? How? What? What is my priority? Am i honest?

5. Be more patient

well know well know...

6. LOA

I shall talk positive. What is said shall come to me. Imma deleting negative stuff.

7. Believe.

I can do add maths. I can do physics. I can do chemistry. All i need is to be more hardworking. PML

This is a meaningful post to me LOL. This is my chance to turn over a new leaf =)

= gotta stop piggin out PML PML =