3rd post of the day PML
Feb 6, 2010 Saturday, February 06, 2010 | 0 comments

Yes, I have no life. PML*. Haha. 3rd post of the day.

Guess what? I cooked again!

read the label =)

The wedges were ready made. All i did was fry it which caused me a hell lot of injuries. The bread was also bought. But i did the rest!

Cheesy Wedges:
Had no time to make wedges so decided to buy the ready made ones =) Wedges were fried. duh. The topping was my recipe! I melted cheese with a tad of mayo mustard and tomato sauce.

I loved the cheese!! The mayo made a hell lot of difference! The slight sourness! garrr garr =) ! Very nice! I loved it anyway =D
Wedges were slightly over cooked.

Chicken Burger:
Used the balance of yesterday's meatball paste and made it into a patty. Tasted.. like yesterday's meatball. BUT no flour.

Cheese Stick:
Cheese coated with bread crumbs. Fried. Not my favorite i must say.

not in picture: taugeh
very very nice despite the oiliness.

not in picture: chicken liver
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! GAH GAH!!!! plus, it has vitamin B, good for the brain PML

I love cooking =)

The cleaning was hard. I made a huge messsss =(

(p.s: no pictures of me. don't feel pretty lately =X)