CNY Day4
Feb 25, 2010 Thursday, February 25, 2010 | 0 comments

Reunion dinners are my favorites! Not only we get to meet among the family which is like, once in 1854698 years , it was a golden opportunity to pig in glamo-licious food! I am a wonder-genius eater =D Not to mention a obsessive-compulsive-un-pro-photographer!! I took 189 pictures in 1 night. Of cuz not all SS picture larrrr...

*jeng jeng jeng*

I caught Bradder Champagne doing MeiYi's horny face!!!! LOL

sisters with same pose lalala

more sisters <3

cute kan?

abit alot of Min min and Champagne's photo
cuz they sit right opposite of me

Half way through nothing, this happened.

someone and my brother decided to fight over nuts
pml. After it dropped on the table, it was eaten still LOL. They are cute people wtfc

Some candid shots...

Chuan Yong looks bo shong... scary.. XD

kakak being bored

welcome to the digital world

After waiting for sekian lama, the food came

ze salmon yee shang!!!

I never get bored of yee shang! aww... i miss the 3pax yeeshang i ate alone =P

ze salmon

The salmon, seriously can use as the screen for
wayang kulit... It is sliced so thinly!!!! Can see the plate through it wtfc

our waiter for yee shang session

I told him to pose. But he ignored me. Nah! This is what happens if you don't cooperate la.

End product. We are professional low-shang-ians. LOL


you shouldn't

tee hee =)

Next up,
shark fin soup!!!

I just love shark fin soup!! I had 3bowls! and another 2 the other night! This year is my lucky year!!!

This guy a bit cooperate la.. see, picture's so nice =P

seeeee =O *slurpsssssss

End product LOL

While waiting for the next dish, i nibbled up on the remains of the yee shang. not like i ate 3 servings before . Guess what i found?

can u see it?


It's a
miracle to find a salmon! cuz i practically dug up the salmon.

jaccun-ing with the piece of salmon

Bradder Champagne was snapping pictures of it! LAUGH

I have more. actually har har...

I saw them drinking. abit chio, but i cannot drink without turning into a lobster

BUT! I asked for a Tiger cup LOL. I thought i sensed bo-shong-ness from the waiters. Cause i already had 2 cups for tea pml

my cup > my cup and the real thing

looks real right =P

Next dish came,

some farnee chicken

i dont like chicken and it tasted awful. BAD!

Then we had Cat Fish!

Epic fail top take pre-makan pictures again pml

Nice one!

Somehow, the food service was faster. it was like a food marathon after the 3rd dish.


If you read this you should know I love seafood like spongebob loves krabby patty. Prawns are one of my favorites!

tiger, prawns.. gettit? LOL

These prawns were HUGE!!! It's almost as big as the china spoon! AND they were fried crispy, so the shell was edible! I only got 2. Maybe next year i will sit with the younger ones. not like i am going to steal all their prawns LOL.

Can you see the
"har gou"? It was like oozing out!

I rate it as the star of the night!

vege in oyster sauce

Not so good. Maybe cause i already had the prawn?
hmm XD

I was bored by then, and I spotted some
tandas kaki running away.. so I followed XD

And SS-ed. First time i braved myself to SS with aunties there. We only see once a year. =P

baby > auntie 1 > me

me and auntie 2

me and min min

me > baby > auntie 3

I like them all! All so
semangat. *clapsssss*


On the way back, so ngam-ly they were pushing a trolley of "lap qiong fan" in to our area.

So I asked them to stop and pose.

It's my job to make their life difficult larr.. =)

But they cooperated! I likey! Even though i sense bo-shong-ness from the one with specs... Don't care larh..

Obviously another epic fail picture la... Don't care. Not like I ate it.

Haha.. Don't likey.


"nian gao"

Other than the
"nian gao", others were no good. But still ate some. For the sake of good meaning. The what-ever tong shui was quite fail la... the waiter also fail.. Cannot even pour equally. 10 bowls he manage to fill 8 bowls only. Didn't even attemp to get us some extra or something. No good no good.

see his face also can tell he bo-shong

see what a mess he made!


Oh yeah, posting some awards too!!

Messiest Eater


The Most "Fatt" / Red

Best Actors

Karaoke Kakis ( Queen is the one in Pink)

The Most Image Spoiler

The Most Look Like Qi Xiang

This guy and Qi Xiang looks so alike I stared at him for few seconds. I think he thinks i am a freak now

Now Picture time!!

I love this candid photo. Spot My Abu Dhabi Uncle and his wife. =)

Margaret and me

karen > kelly > min

me and mom

me > mom > dad

boy kor as red as a lobster and me =P

dad and me

denise > min min > kelly > aaron > karen > moi

denise > min min > kelly > karen > moi

lobster and my sister

The guys and Joyce

The second Generation and Big mama - my big mama damn chio one k!

trying to get to know them larr... but once a year abit too little lorr..

Chio right? Not even All the members are here. The thought of the possibility I have to give this many angpaus in a few years time.... kill me LOL.


Yerrr... CNY passed so fast... Back to reality check. i killed my Biological clock. Spent my whole week in school being a zombie PML

Gotta get back to life PML PML PML PML

peeps and pukes
loves =)