Day 2
Feb 21, 2010 Sunday, February 21, 2010 | 0 comments

Fine, I'm slow, but better late than never right? pml

Day 2 CNY

Went to grandma's house!! =) Angpau collecting ceremony. I love angpaus!!

the people people sekalian
spot the da yi that refuse to pose because she is eating

See, aww, people sekalian hugging... and da yi still munching on banana. "jiak gen jio, dio tao beo" (means "eat banana, kena toto" Laugh.. =])

After eating, again epic fail to take picture of the home-cooked food, PML.

kaki judi

My bad influencees =P

After awhile some people went some places, leaving 3 very sleepy aunties on the couch and us kinas nothing to do but walking up and down stairs pml.

I was so bored I borrowed the hair curler from kakak Irene (which is very nice and sadly going back to Indonesia) to play with. Cousie Karen helped out just in case i burn my own face pml

> > >



I seriously hesitated to put up this photo. Not Good. Not my style. Not good at all. I concluded not to curl my hair! PML.

Thankfully, most people were asleep and me and Karen were the only ones alive. LOL

Then, we, alive people, got bored again. Oh yeah! Junior was awake too!

Junior is a very tam jiak doggy. Probably undergoing puberty LOL. I was eating CNY cookies and he kept staring! The dog would jump for the cookie! wth. I oculdn't bare him staring at the cookie...

so i ate it HARHAR!!!

Then started to SS with the dog.

He was so close to licking me

He looks ter-kangkang-ed LOL

Karen's turn to SS

This dog is highly kinestatic. LOL. Cannot sit still.


That's Day2!!!