who says small people cant eat?
Feb 12, 2010 Friday, February 12, 2010 | 2 comments

My day started at 7am. House painting. *skip skip*

Yay!!! Today, i FINALLY got to go to Shogun I had been craving for Japanese food since so long!! I got there at 1156am. then Nicholas, PeeLik, Ee Jie, Ee Jian, Daniel came along too It opens at 12. LOL. I was already starving! =P

There were not many people there. which is a very good thing. Because the sashimi are mine =D

I ate more than my sister AND brother combined LOL

first to tackle
spicy jelly fish > salmon > oyster

The sashimi were f-r-e-s-h!!! lovely like sashimi!! (of course this is just my sample plate)

more oysters

Whack oysters like no one's business. XD

yee shang

I don't know why. I love yee shang. And the horoscope says today is my lucky day, so i decided on a yee shang. I told the waiter I wanted a single person plate with all 3 flavors. So he gave me a 3pax yee shang == but I finished it XD
It was good!!!!

clockwise: unagi > octopus> sabo? > tako

too sweet for all =(

tako > sabo > octopus > pineapple > tomato

I just love Japaneses food =)

There were more. I didn't take pictures after that.

Half way eating, Tzelik caught my eye. He was stiring his icecream in to liquid PML! that was still fine. Then, he added blackcurrent juice into his icecream! AND ATE IT! WTH!!!

Lols! Anyway, in total, i ate:

2 servs of spicy salmon
3 servs of spicy jelly fish
2 servs of tako
2 servs of century egg
7 pieces of pineapple
3 long rows of salmon
1 long row of white tuna
1 long row of tuna belly
1 roasted chicken
1 serve of sum tom
2serve of mango salad
a 3 pax serve yee shang
1 roasted lamb
2 bowls of octopus tako
1 small serving of seafood pasta
7 oysters
4 pieces of random sushi
some peas
some fruits
2 cakes
1 bowl shark fin soup
4 cups of ginseng tea
1 cheese mussel
1 serve of salmon salad
geez! now i know why i am so full!!!! PML

(green: very good, blue: good yellow: so so, red: I DONT LIKE, normal: no comment)

I may look small, but I'm a great eater LOL


Then, headed to the ice rink to join Meiyi Huien they all. Now i know why meiyi says it's fun iceskating with huien. CAUSE IT IS. IT IS SO FUN TO SCARE HER! XDXDXDXDXD

too bad i had to go so fast =(

will do it more often next time =D