When I close my eyes I drift away
Mar 25, 2010 Thursday, March 25, 2010 | 0 comments

Beh Hui En (purposely put ur name in pink one k LOL) didn't go to school today. Which basically means I was super duper bored. i miss you =)

Today for Physics we attempted to make paper cup telephone lines! It was fascinating! okay la i am a jaccun la But it was! And, did you know that, if you link all the strings together, you can make a tele-conference?! pro right? We shall do that again one day =P

Bio class was fun actually We had quiz and etc. But the BEST part was the 5minutes break. We played ice and water! For. 5. Minutes. PML But it was fun. I broke into sweat pml. I still hate you plant!

K la, Im here to wait for someone who was supposed to cari me. Eventually the die-head-ghost offline already PML.

And! I'm not noisy =P

i lost my "telephone-line" =(