I love my Sek4-rians =)
Apr 7, 2010 Wednesday, April 07, 2010 | 0 comments

awww right? =)

To Pro-Gang:


I just came back from Seksyen4. First time in 1 year and 6months. I really really
really really x4787257 miss all Seksyen4-rians!! And of course the school...

not really.

Since they have ko-ko today, i decided to go pay a visit. And, guess what?....

*drum rolls*


Eye popping right? I know. Me (Aku, Wo, Moi, Ngai, Ngo, Wa)!! Cycle!! School!! In case u still blur,

im talking about this.

And mine is not half as nice PML!
see guys? the things I do for you =P

I still cannot believe I did it.
People on the car were staring. PML.
But it was all worth it. =)

Awww... many unfamiliar faces from the form 1s and 2s. not like I care I kinda, sorta invaded the school. Ran like no ones business when I saw the jaga. LOL (then only ZauChung tell me the jaga don't care one. PML).

I went around the school to look for people familiar faces. And, yay! I did =) Awww... All I can say is
"awwww... " =) I'm so touched. you guys still remember me! awwww!! =) I was a bit blind lar.. Everyone wore the same clothes. *doink*

I was about to leave, and I saw my dear dear dear
LimBoonYee =D She told me my miss bibi a.k.a LaiXinYee was on the other side! Apparently she was a PBSM. I didn't know! I'm a lousy friend PML. Then I lepak there with LaiXinYee TangJiaLu YapHsinYee and LengWingSing !! I had so so so much fun!! Even though it was just talking and crapping, I had a better-than-fabulous time =)

GanBoonYi, TanYouKen, ChongYuXuan, ChuahJiaHao were not there. =( I miss you guys larr *sobss*

P.S 1 Today is the FIRST (one, yi, satu, itchi, 1, uni) time I talk to Ejay. Face-to-Face. PML

P.S 2 Today is the
FIRST (one, yi, satu, itchi, 1, uni) time I talk to my dear daddy, Cecelia. actually, it is the first time I see her LORLS

P.S 3 Yes,
I am "still this short" XD but i will grow la.. don't worry XD

P.S 4
Teacher Melinda sent us homework. via e-mail. gosh! I hate technology sometimes.

not really

P.S 5 I didn't waste today k. I studied yesterday until 3.45am to compensate. And I will study later x]

P.S 6 You better miss me Brian Yee XP

with friends like this who needs boyfriends