If I am Ip Man master, I would...
Apr 6, 2010 Tuesday, April 06, 2010 | 8 comments

Has This Ever Happen To you?

Obviously not. But, c'mon, I know you tried imitating Jackie Chan when he was in action. Don't deny it. I have prove!


Haha, Fine, I lied. The fan page above is edit one LOL. But I have always wondered: How is it like to really have kungfu? It IS very fascinating, seeing people flying all over the place with their "qing gong". I always wanted to try. Without wires having over my shoulders. (ouch)

If I were to be a Ip Man master, what would I do? I would.... fly to Cameron Highlands to eat strawberry. (what? cannot ar?) I've been craving for strawberry since idk when.
And I like them fresh =)

If I am Ip Man Master. I would also kick the guy who bullied the cow. Not very sure what I'm talking about? View below =) haha...

The incident =P

I I am Ip Man, I would also give other animals Kung Fu Tuition. So they will not end up like that poor cow.

My Top student

Haha.. See? I'm for good reasons. XP. I will not use my power for evil =P

If I am Ip Man master, I would have a signature pose.

(^'.')^ TADAA ^('.'^)

BUT, I have to confess... I'm suppose to be studying nao! wtf. What to do, for the sake of Samsung Mobile phone the safety of animals. LOL

Anyways, a bonus =)
Ip Man Master with my Samsung Jet Mobile Phone. =)

(p.s. you're welcome =P )

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i wan a new phone please=)