Nutty day =)
Apr 24, 2010 Saturday, April 24, 2010 | 2 comments

Dear wasabi peas,
i love you =D

Saturday are god-like. I love Saturdays! =D

Had a hectic day doing pointless things.
hieh. hieh. hieh.

I bought and ate lots of lots of lots of wasabi peas today!! *huge huge smile* so happyy!! XD

I bought 330grams for RM1.99 per 100g in Summit. And nomed it all up within 2hours LOL.

After that, went to IOI mall. And I saw it again. N times I have been there and this is the first time I see it. WTH. So I bought some more. Actually, alot more =D

And i got this too. >>
roasted soy nut

Friggin tasted gooodd!!! Finished 200gs in an hour. PML. But it is good lar. XD

Soya is boob-enchanting thing, right chin li STARYU? XD

Oh right! I have a 017 now =)

wasting time is guilty pleasure =)