Of Wasabi Peas =)
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Teacher Erica is SUSPECTED H1N1. Not confirmed yet. Please stay calm people.

so, yeah, Mr. Mark's our beloved teacher Erica, H1N1 or not, get well soon =)

(P.s. Please stop reading here if you are my teacher. your cooperation is much x15874628 appreciated)


The whole of the school was asked to leave school ASAP. We did. Chin Li, Chin Wen, my sister Denise and I went to Hui En's, first. And then, *inhales* we went to Sunway Pyramid. Yes, a bit pro. It was totally last minuted. Hui En has been dwelling on how much she craved for skating. It was like fate. God-like. Laugh. It started with an instant impulse to ice-skate. Turned out sounding smart PML.

Special thanks to me who thought of this Teacher Kim for fetching me and my sista to Hui En's house because I told her I had no transport and we wanted to group study Gosh! I sound so bad. And, (note to self. Wira's back seat? 4person. MAXIMUM ). We had 5. I sat on the floor. PML.

In Hui En's house, her mom was cute! I mean seriously. She was "aunty-ly" LOL She offered us... I forgot what was it, but the container was CUTE!!! haha. While Hui En was eating, I was..... being a Daphne lar. pml. self-explanatory. =P
Beh Hui En, I'm still having ur socks and gloves.

On the way there, we... laugh la. Did some "revising". Application of science terms. Considered "group study" no?And laugh la.. and talk a lot of crap. A. Lot. =P

I strongly believe that my reputation in front of Auntie Beh is crushed. No, crushed biscuit crumbs. PML.

We entered lion head, and headed straight to the ice rink. People were staring at our bags. pml. I was thrilled when I saw "RM7 PROMOTION". Then I brought my sista to Popular. She didn't want to skate D= When I came back with my 1.5L Coke Light (which was 1.30pm) Hiu En told me that the rink 2.30pm. Which means if we were to enter, we would be paying for less-than-one-hour ice skating. Which means, we failed to ice-skate.
We were disappointed lar (duh?) Hui En looked so sien. The worst part was, we had bags to handle. Note the "s" : bagSSSSSSS!!!! and they were friggin heavy.

We attempted to leave our bags in the counter area of the ice rink. We were nice enough to ask. They were nice enough to tell us that they were closing and no one would be there. Joy. So, I tried to push my luck at Celebrity Fitness right beside. And Failed. So, the double-chins (i love this name!! XD ), Hui En and I left the whatever u call it area. The bags were seriously killing us. I suggested to pretend we were Giant shoppers and told them we need to tumpang. Apparently this Giant allows bags in. wtf? Parkson also! Then, we, literally, dragged our bags away to another shop. Conversation below is illustrated because the sales girl was pretty much talking to herself:

Salesgirl: "Can I help you?" (yes she said this)
Hui En: "Can we leave our bags here?"
Salesgirl: "Huh? Oh err... "
Hui En: "We leave it here and come and take later?"
Salesgirl: "Sorry a.. cannot worr."
Hui En: "But we can..."

lorls. Hui En was definitely pushing her luck pml. I think the sales girl was scared. Ah Laugh la. Hui En insisted that we try every shop. We wanted to try DIGI. Apparently Customer Service does NOT include taking care of DIGI users' bags LMAO. So we Beh-Tahan. We finally chose to put everything in the trolley and leave them to Denise in Popular. Hui En refused to go in the lift. She was scared! wtf? Anyways, we reached. Feeling relieved. Then, *jeng jeng jeng* the jaga came.

"Eh, tak nampak ah? tak boleh masuk lah!"

I was.. devastated! Then I realized he was referring to the trolley. THANK GOD. I was so ready to dump the bag outside Popular and don't care. LOL. Hui En assumed that it maybe because they are worried the bags were filled with bombs. Please lah, who so free want to bomb you LOL


We were exhausted after that. Seriously. That was way more energy-consuming compared to ice-skating. But we were determined to jalan-jalan. We went Asia Avenue. Went to the Japanese Food shop. Idk they stopped selling Meiyi Mochi balls! Then we walked, and walked, and walked. Asia Avenue is quite boring actually. Especially when you have next-to-nothing to spend.

Soon after wasting 45minutes in Asia Avenue, we left to stare at the people ice-skating. Jealous. The ang-mo was friggin tall and thin and white. To make it worse, it was the primary school level ice-skating competition. PML. God-like.

Oh, Chin Li, Chin Wen and I brought Hui En to Diabetic Land. Her first time. =) She was.... not fascinated, sadly. But I was happy la. Ate some crap here and there. And, I bought.....

god-like wasabi green peas

They were 100% yumm-mmeh! Even though they made my eyes "sweat". In total, I bought 154grams. It only cost RM3. Which was definitely worth it. I should buy some more. I finished everything today =( I loved the dried strawberry as well! Delicious-o!

Hui En had to leave at 4.30pm. Not like we had anything else better to do. So later, The Double Chins and The Dousble Dees stayed in Popular to read . Laughed A Lot again. pffffttt... 40 minutes later, Chin's dad came to rescue us. =P

Again in the car, we talked crap. Load of them. Oh, we passed by a green-and-orange building. And Laughed. LOL. And, I need to learn road. Starting nao .


Went home. I felt the exhaustion coming in. And I ate up all of my cashew nuts and the wasabi peas nomnom. loves. I also Charlie Cheekadie in bread. I can reassure you, i hate it lousy crab. and yong tauhu, and tauhu bakar, and soya bean, and barley tong sui.and chicken which I didn't touch =)

(P.P.S.: I apologize that I seriously do NOT eat chicken. Full. Stop. Accept me for who I am.)

(P.P.P.S.: If you are my teacher and you ignored my Post-Status above, please kindly pretend you didn't all this =) )

Note to self:
1. Wasabi peas!!!!
2. Learn road. Pron-to.
3. Studiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
4. I O Denise KFC =)

Accept me for who I am