Some people have no life
Apr 29, 2010 Thursday, April 29, 2010 | 6 comments


This week is a lonnggggg week. Monday was fabulous theme day, Tuesday tried to be a Friday, Wednesday tried to be a Friday, Thursday tried to be a Friday. PML. I blame it on the weather. ==

I finally uploaded the pictures for Theme Day on Facebook. Click HERE. It took me puking long time k. Facebook don't like me. PML.

Oh, back to topic. I'm talking about me. =)

Haha. Looks real?

bon apetite?

so big hor?


See. I had nothing better to do.

( actually i do, just that i don't want to la.. )

The chin li XD

Oh yeah! Please DO NOT accept anything i send via MSN. I kena virus liao. cham =(

*signing off*

人心可畏 =(