7 things
May 30, 2010 Sunday, May 30, 2010 | 5 comments

7 Known Things About You
1. Daphne is my real name.
2. Has a fat face despite the size of the body
3. Social life is loves
4. Cannot live without internet / computer / phone
5. Cannot stop talking unless dulan
6. Hyper like most of the time
7. I have my own sense of logic.

7 Lesser Known Things About You

1. Has a super-duper-horribler-than-messy room
2. Loves to stroll alone in the mall =D
3. Thinks guys make better friends than girls because they forget faster than Dory does ;]
4. Loves singing even tho sounds more like a struggling flamingo
5. Hopes sleeping wasn't a human need
6. Never had a boyfwen =P
7. Forgets I am a girl ==

7 Wishes

1. Grow taller. 168cm (which means i need another 9cm ==)
2. Have my own domain and be a real real real real real blogger.
3. Get flying colors for all exams ahead.
4. Be rich.
5. Expand social circle (like despo man)
6. Know what people really think about me
7. *keeping to myself*

7 Things You Like About Yourself

1. My weird life, revolving around weird things ==
2. My cheeks wtf ==
3. My ear holes! All 7 of them!
4. My name, daph, ah daph, deafknee, nene, whatever la xD
5. My jaccun-ness ==
6. The way I social?
7. Weird things I say ==
7 Things You Dont Like About Yourself
1. My height & weight ==
2. My fugly teeth ( which is going to be gone soon. getting braces! =D)
3. My friggin temper ==
4. My tendency to waste time, like now
5. Stupid things i do, and regrets later
6. Not thinking before doing
7. Sensitive ;(
7 Things On Your Mind Right Now
1. My sports day today! =D
2. DiGi Break Free Party yesterday
3. How i wish I could drive. Nao!
4. The chio-ness of having a blackberry
5. Shouldn't have eaten the whole 300grams of wasabi peas ==
6. Word Challenge =D
7. Tomorrow's Genting Trip! =D

7 Things You Hope To Accomplish Soon

1. Be a real real real active paid blogger
2. Get my driving licence!
3. Grow friggin taller
4. Get Braces!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D
5. Treat my parents to a fancy restaurant with a budget of RM800!!
6. Get a new phone & camera & lappieeeee
7. Get a boyfie? xD