Clean the keyboard
May 15, 2010 Saturday, May 15, 2010 | 3 comments

It has been 68982days since I cleaned the keyboard I think. Actually I never have. PML. As a result....

I know. OMFG right? You should check yours.

I was shocked men. I knew it would be dirty but... not that dirty == I had to use ruler to "pluck" (?) the thing out.

kesian my brother's ruler

It was damn frustrating. But it was worth it when i saw...

Clean right? *bangga* =D Then fix it back in la...

(Disclaimner: My stupid sister did it ==)
Spot the B and N

Brother posing like KungFu man XD

Had dinner in Hokano for dinner. It has been reviewed by Malaysia Food Guide.

look at the amount of people
We had to wait for 10minutes to get a seat. Then another 7 for the waitress to come. And 45minutes for the food to come! I nearly died ==

salmon teriyaki set

sashimi set
(forgot the fancy name ==)

Hokano Roll
(stole this picture from HERE)

It was not that bad but the price was just not worth it. Should have went to Shogun instead... =[

My brother and I

Even though he is annoying, somehow I like it. XD

nang if you like it
signed off =)