Why SmartPhones can be Dumbphones
May 11, 2010 Tuesday, May 11, 2010 | 4 comments

Behold, ze smartphones.

Smartphones are... smart. But as smart as it is, it can be dumb. It's like how a smart person be a stupid girl. It's all about applications.

Many people I know are using smartphones. I understand that it is very chio and in to have a BB or a HTC or a iPhone3G, but the thing is if you don't use any of the applications, no point right?

The main chio-ness of owning a Smartphone is that you can tweet whenever, wherever, whatever, however you want.

sampai food poisoning also can tweet. PML ==

And of course la, Facebook. Some even blog using the smartphones. Chio to the max!


surfing the net = $$ = Lubang in pocket.

Sure la, kaboom with application, Twitter spamming, Facebook, Msn non-stop. Maybe 5 blog posts a day? God knows LOL But then, the money...... (gulps)

If it takes
RM9 per day for the internet usage, I would be using *gasp!* RM189 per month! And! That is excluding normal sms/call charges! can die weyy =/

That's why, we have the DG Smart Plan!

unlimited Internet for RM68 a month! hey, that means non-stop surfing, messaging, facebooking and tweetering! You’ll get as much as 100% off your Internet Unlimited plan! DiGi’s also offering smartphone deals with DG Smart Plan. Smartphones are going for 50% less!

DiGi Always the Smarter choice! =D

(P.s. Digi man is NOT a pervert =] )

i will follow you =)