DG Break Free Party
Jun 4, 2010 Friday, June 04, 2010 | 9 comments

Have you read my Smart phone post? If not read here If you have, you should also seen this.

And, If you read HERE you should know what happened to all my pictures.

So, therefor explaining the picture stealing sharing.


I left house at 5pm. And reached there at 6.15pm for the 6pm event, which was 15 minutes late, thanks to the heavy rain ==.


Credits Here

I brought my sister. First time ma, I didn't know what to do, macam jaccun ==. But the people there were friendly to the max~! Bloggers are ALL friendly =D

my beautiful tag
which states I cost only RM68 ==

brooklyn bloods

The minute I went in...

memang people mountain people sea ==

I found a familiar face! =D

She's 15! And this is her Nth Event. Marvelous wey, I'm 17 and this is my first event == fail

Brookly Bloods area
Credits Here

the food the food

The food were super mini sized. Cute :D

The drink was nice :]
I'm sorry drink, I forgot about you =(

Julie from 8tv Quickie was the emcee for the night. She was super sweet! =D She kept reminding us not to take the alcohol LOL

pretty cop . me

DG memang understanding max. There were some awesome places to camwhore!! =D

pictures below =D

There was a guy there telling us that if we didn't vote for Team Momentum we could take pictures there. LOL.

The event started later than planned, so while the camera was out, I took some snaps with other bloggers =D

Me . Ms Santulus . Ms Mommyyus

They had hand-calves and chains linking to each other! Nominees for the Top12 best dressed!

Mr.Zaffril . me . Mr.Epulafea

Nice one. Epul was eating when I force asked them to take picture with me =D he still had sandwich behind his back when we took this photo XD

Oh, he called my sister sailormoon XD

Mr.Sop . me

I was scared He didn't talk one (to me la) =(

Mrs.Yvonne . Me. Ms Jamie

I know la this picture's color cacat-ed. I tried to save it la. fail ==

The mother-daughter who blog about Vegetarian Food! It's damn chio to share a blog with your mom leh.. =D

I saw famous bloggers!!! I saw Vivien and Audreyyyy!!! <3 Regret for not taking pictures with them =(

Suddenly, Julie was on stage, with metal and locks over her body. We were supposed to go out to the park to find for some yellow paper! It was fun! :D

Credits Here

Fine, I wasn't paying much attention because there was a fire-breathing performance! Chio max k. So, yea, granted, i didn't find any LOL. I regret la.. they got Swiss watch :(

the fire breathing show =D

Credits HERE

Then. each group were to assign a group leader. In our case, we had Jamie. :D And they gave her this...
Brooklyn Bloods Balck Berry LOL

I lied LOL It was just borrowed. haha. Because our tasks were posted up as tweets via Twitter. All 3 tasks! :D

discussion time! =D

credits here

during the activity
After the game, suddenly there were polices checking! :D of cuz it was a play la. XD
Kenny was the penjahat.

It was a funny sketch la.In jail some more trying to update status via twitter LOL

Up next, was a sketch from Team Velocity.

This guy damn chio man. Beatbox pro dao. Oh, and remember I mentioned up there? They were having a competition sort-of la. xD They need supporters. so they decided to con us LOL They had us on the stage to rap something to save him.

one of the saviours

I was the first! :D But no one help me take pictures. sad case. But, yea, shout-out to guy below, say thankyou when u see this ^.^

... or, teach me how to beat box LOL

Then was the super chio part of the night. Best dressed event. Time to give out the HTC!

top 12s

Ok, I can explain. I wanted to dress up as Princess Mombi. But then I changed my mind and dress and... I looked like Mary Poppins. I was supposed to be the Fairy God Mother in Shrek == fail

They were asked to cat walk! I really love bloggers wei, damn sporting XD

And the winner goes to....


DiGi Break Free Party by SHOfrE3zE.
Cruella Devile!

Credirs Here

I want the HTC D;

Oh and the Best Pre-event blogger:

Miss Jo =D

I love her dress weyy, Sylvester the Cat! She even has a Tweety in her hands! :D

goodie bag for villians :D

I love the super chio bag they gave XD

From so small can expand so big =D

Oh, and I got something for rapping ;D

*tada!! *

thumbdriveeessss =D

awesome right XD

I'm looking forward to the next event =D.

And I really really really want a Smart phone XD

Nang if you like this

DiGi, always the smarter choice :D