I'm not rich. You have a problem?
Jun 21, 2010 Monday, June 21, 2010 | 7 comments

Have you ever seen a family like this?

10 years old, get N900. 15 years old, get iPhone4G. 18 years old got 2 BlackBerry's. Live in Bungalows where you need to call the maid on the cell phone for water.

For some people, things seem to be just-like-that.

That is your life. Not mine.

When you want to talk about me being kiam siap, think again. Do you feel proud using your parents money? Please remember, what you are showing off is your parent's success. Not yours. I have nothing against you using money like water. But just bare in mind, your parents worked hard for your friggin PSP or whatever smart phone you are using nao. All you did was use it.

So, I don't go Starbucks. I don't wear Prada or Padini. I don't stay in a big house. I don't have maid. And you call me kiam siap and say that I act like a old lady. No offence, but I do not like spending other people's hard earned money.

I jokingly ask people to "sponsor" me stuff I want. But please la, I'm not that sort of person. Even if I do accept, it would be a meal at most. And I will belanja balik. Just because I ask for a friend for a soon-be-returned treat, I am cheap? Get over it. It's just the way I speak. So use your brain please.

I don't need you to tell me what I am. Nor do I need you to influence what people think. I believe they have a mind of their own.

Yes, I get it, you are rich. No need to chuan me.

I'm politely asking you to shut the fuck up thankyouverymuch.

i'm just trying to get things clear.