Jun 14, 2010 Monday, June 14, 2010 | 7 comments

My biggest mistake is that I always forget my goals. I slack and laze-out.
I know, what a sucker.

But I'm ready to change.

Deep inside I know what I need to do. I know I have to keep the eyes on the prize. But when chances come, the temptation to chicken out... I know if I keep giving excuses, nothing will be done. And that is exactly what I don't want.

Goal 1# Take. Use. Keep.
I know you do it too. Tell me you put things right back where you take it immediately after you use it. And tell me your table/bed/room/chair/floor/closet is NOT messy. Gotcha didn't I? And we ALL know that all we I needed to do was to be less lazy put it back. immediately. It takes, what, 30seconds? and we I can't don't do it. Why? it's a good question.

Goal 2# Spend time wisely
Fuck, I admit. I do NOTHING on Facebook. Replying takes at most 30minutes. Then what do I do? Word Challenge. Stalk blogs. MSN. Google the word "Celery" and see what I get. I don't mean that all that was useless (okay fine it is) but HELL I HAVE HOMEWORK. ALL I NEEDED WAS THAT BIT OF INITIATIVE TO PRESS THE "X" BUTTON. I know it, but I don't do it. Why?

Goal 3# Discipline
I 've been saying this again and again and again and again and again. I am to brush up on the few of my subjects. It takes BLOODY 2hours a day only! I can spend 5 times the amount of time on Facebook,Tweeting, Chatting about crap, day dreaming, watching TV dramas I have no idea who the hell likes who. Why the FUCK I can't study? Why the fuck can I have the discipline to play computer and blog but not study??!!! Why?

Goal 4# Be Nice
I'm all coming clean. I cannot deny the fact the way I talk is abit rude/lanci/no manners/unapreciative/ and make people dulan. I'm sorry. I didn't know. No one confronted me about this until lately, people approached me and told me that I act like a bitch should change the way I talk. I'm really sorry. But I promise to change. No, it's my fault I was blunt.

Tell me what to change please.

I give all of you permission to slap me if I go against anything I said above.

I'm sorry I am stupid.