Why is a Well a Well?
Jun 15, 2010 Tuesday, June 15, 2010 | 7 comments

This is a Well.

Once upon a time, there was this farmer who stays Camera Highlands. Of course, as a farmer, he needs to water his strawberries everyday. So, everyday, he was supposed to carry buckets up and down 500meters of highland. that time still don't have pipe. so, LOL.

One day his very smart but also very lonely fat wife, which apparently was Little Red Riding Hood who is not-so-little anymore, asked him: "Why you forever no time for me one? You know I very lonely one you know."

"Aiya, need to work ma, or else how to feed you? You're pregnant with 7 babies somemore. -.-"

"I'm not pregnant!!" Fat Not-so-little Red riding Hood stomped. The floor, which was soil, cracked. Water started to burst out. The farmer was so happy.

"Hey, there's water underground! Maybe I should dig a hole. Then no need to walk so much. woohoo~!" And off he goes.

Dig dig dig eat shit pee dig dig dig eat shit pee dig dig dig pee pee shit dig dig...

5812hours later.

"Yes! I did it! Now I can get water without running up and down!!! " Farmer jumps with joy. People heard about it and came by for a look.

"Wow, this is fantastic, what do u call it?"

The farmer gave a thought, "Hmm, well, i guess it's......"


Farmer: ".... fine"

And they lived not-so-happily ever after! All the strawberries died. Farmer was too busy digging the hole well, he forgot his plantations LOL. His wife ran away with the Big Bad Wolf too. Actually i'm not sure if she ran or rolled. Anyway,

The End!

P.S. obviously this is not true LOL

jing-jing-a-ling =D