Dinner for 3 under RM5
Jul 24, 2010 Saturday, July 24, 2010 | 8 comments

It always happens. Plan to go out for dinner, so happy cause its Friday normally got ho-liao. Then! *jeng jeng jeng* dad's friend call, mom got OT, so POOF!! it became kokokruch plan canceled. Luckily...

#Mamee Sllrrrp to the rescue!!!

This is so my type can?

So easy. 3-steps-gao-dim meal.

Step 1# open the pack
(you know, in case picture not obvious enough lor FYI)

Ok this one super cheat one.

Step2: Insert hot water.

Or you can choose to put in the pot, boil the water wait until the noodle cook. But after you eat have to wash the pots. So for lazy efficient people like me use the method above can?

Btw, can makan one la k? #Mamee Hot Cup also use the same noodles one la. Put in plastic cup only. I'm nao teaching you Eco-Friendly Hot Cup can? =D

Step 3: Wait for your #Mamee Sllrrrp to soften

(two minutes later)

Add egg/chicken/fish/meat/banana/whatever you want



an awesome dinner!!

and a satisfied brother! LOL!


Satsified! =D

of cuz u cannot see my face cuz my face sibeh sweaty no mood camwhore FML

Total cost:
#MameeSllrrrp 4 packs cuz my stupid brother stomach sibeh need food FHL. : RM2.80
2eggs: RM0.60

= RM3.40!!!!

Sibeh awesome cheap kan? =)

Nang me