People will you help me judge this?
Jul 2, 2010 Friday, July 02, 2010 | 16 comments

Few months ago, I sold my phone. It was in good condition, sms-able, call-able, wifi-able. Everything was working perfectly.

With was idk how many months after already. more than 2months if im not wrong. She told me, the phone wouldn't operate. and HADN'T operate since she bought it.

Ok, question, why after so many months only tell me? If it was a problem since day 1 and she told me, i wouldn't minf giving a refund. But now?
After so many months? You serious a?

And, more of, she told me, she
can sms only. Then now, she's telling me that the phone WOULDN'T OPERATE. Then what? got ghost ah? Can't even get facts straight, how can i trust her?

And now, after I bought a new phone. She wants a refund. After goddammit many months.

So I said
no. But she is my friend school mate. So I feel kinda bad. But I's not my fault right? I passed it to her in GOOD CONDITION. I used it for less than 5 months only.

So, now, please help me judge.
Did I do the right thing?

I really need to know =(

P.S. : If you see this. I have every single right to blog about this. After all, this IS my blog! you can pretty much fuck yourself get lost if you don't like it here.