Angmo also eat Mamee!!!
Aug 7, 2010 Saturday, August 07, 2010 | 4 comments

You wanna see red hair Angmo eat Mamee Sllrrrp?





fairer + ash blonde + max eye lash + purple nude lens

Ok fine in case my photo shop skill really so pro, obviously that is me, PHOTOSHOPPED. -.-

Laugh la. I rasa it looks damn dolly. And familiar.

of course la.. everyday facebook also can come across how many FYL

I downloaded this photoshop thing! Its quite fun to play with la. Now i know how the Lala pictures come XD

The original.

(sticky hair + sweaty face + squinted eyes + super dark skin = FML )

Okay la fine OBVIOUSLY the mouth edit adi -.- cuz really beyond sibeh ugly.

What! The rest is real one k!
i didnt even change the color tone FML
Image gone case not like i had image FML

say thankyou! :D

P.S. I had Mamee Sllrrrp for Dinner for the 3rd time in 2weeks. FML. Luckily Mamee Sllrrrp comes in different different falvours! :D