Aug 13, 2010 Friday, August 13, 2010 | 5 comments

I WOKE UP 6.30am. Class starts at 9am. Yes I'm 17. No, Im still in secondary school. Aiyoh grandmother story la. Note to self: a post of my weird schooling times. FML.

Reason of waking up early:

cook Mamee Sllrrrp for my kawan kawan

For Process read HERE.

and its done ;)
(note to self: never use flash -.-)

I made 2 tupperwares/3packs of Mamee Sllrrrp.

I tried to camwhore while cooking la. My dad say i kixiao. Jidangao -.-

[fast forward x57643438734515]

candid shot ;)

sudhar ask me take one.

no, you cant charge me anything.

act shy

She got 1 box. She liked it la ;)

looks like she is staring at them kiss. F my eyes L.

Aly and Chin is Sllrrrping. Nat waiting for her turn la.

lu fikir ke mana? -.-

I SuperLike™ this photo. :D

Everyone makan sama-sama.

This is what friends are ;)


You can't spell Mamee without
me ;)