Aug 9, 2010 Monday, August 09, 2010 | 9 comments

Skipped school for the first time in 2years!!!

My eyes are
RED due to over exposure to chlorine.

F chlorine's life. You think you can purify water dai sai ah?

I just realized Chlorine is
yellow green. Like the Live wire, which was last time green.

[ nerd mode FML ]

please kindly ignore above sankyouverymuch ;)


Yesterday was THE BEST DAY of 2010 ever!!! =)

* met new awesome people.

* and old awesome people


* Had superb time in Sunway Lagoon being crazy
We actually made a "train" with about 70 over people? didnt count cause was busy worrying my contacts will move FML Hyped up the atmosphere of the pool. We sort-of danced with the 40 over people, literally screamed song lyrics with the 60 over people. Seriously, I never had been sot-ter than that in my entire life. I'm still smiling as I type this

No pictures FML x 26727428727

Note to self: Bring a camera wherever you go D:<

* Tried 978441147 times to pronounce Jean-Louis, Francois and Florence's name with the French accent
Fail epically -.-

* Pierre and Paul is nao Ah Piak and Ah Pol.
Way easier to pronounce. And saying Ah PIAK with the IAKKKKKK is so addictive :D

* First time dine in Full house.
Which was soso only la... how come so many people like that place? The food is *uelk* soso and the menu is like kiam-chai and the service was slightly faster than watching grass grow. And it was friggin RM300.95 for 12 people. which comes out to RM25.08 per friggin mini serving.

F full house's L

Waited 15minutes for the french fries. Ah Piak's hypothesis is that they are peeling potatoes and carving it farnee shyt .LOL. Anyway, dulan-ed so cancel order. At the same time the French fries came but Piak told them to send back. Laugh max XD

Loong with his fish-knows-what-name Spaghetti

Ah Piak with his Alfrendo Spaghetti

Picture taken 2seconds before he said F*ck you

Apparently he is camera shy wthecksonottrue XP

* Then Shisha session.
Obviously I didn't shisha la! I just sat there and wrote on every piece of whatever-piece-of-thing-you-use-to-put-your-drink-on-is-called.

To whoever whose number I chinchai scribbled on the thingggg,

Happy Birthday!! you are nao officially exposed, bad luck to you! Ngek ngek ngek!>:D

Went home at 9.30pm. I would have wanted to stayed longer if I could la ( 'n') emo

PS: @Loong sankyou for ajak-ing me
@KahHaw sankyou for fetching me
@KahYong sankyou for the compass and protractor
@Ah Piak sankyou for dinner (iknwioweyoula XD)
@Ah Pol sankyou for bowling (okay fine we fail to bowl but anyways)

@Who were in the pool: NGO SEK LEIIII XD

The End! My mom nearly killed me but oh well, it was worth it =)

Currently munching on:
blueberry sticks :D

Apple Sticks.
But the box koyak adi so didnt take picture :(

oh and some Oreos too =)

No wonder I'm getting fat FML

I promised no more emo posts on my blog.
I don't know what to think. =(