Valentine my ass.
Aug 17, 2010 Tuesday, August 17, 2010 | 9 comments

Everyone has been talking about 七夕情人节. Direct translation: Seven 夕 Valentines Day. idk how to translate . Google says "Evening" F Google's L.

I thought, well ok, Chinese Valentine's Day. Read:

# 每年牛郎与织女只能見一次面,就是農曆七月七日的晚上。那一天喜鵲這群肇事者就負責搭橋,讓他們兩人踩在他們的肩膀上相會。因為一年僅能見一次面,當然有說不完的衷曲、道不盡的悲情,於是那天幾乎都會下著毛毛雨,象徵兩人的淚水。

原来每逢七夕情人节那天都会下雨..今天也不例外..人海茫茫里能遇上对方..是多么难得的事..请珍惜眼前人..记得要好好牵着对方的手❤ #

# For English Click HERE. #

Then later, someone told me that the 14th of every month is Valentine's Day.Which comes up to 12 Valentine's Day a year. Eh it's not my fault idk la k. I'm sure some of you don't know also. FOL.

To those who is taken / going to take / want to take haven take,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You just got yourself a hole in the pocket FYL.

Like seriously? 12 Valentines Day? Imagine if you have 12 birthdays. Or what 12 Chinese New Years. woohoo for kids la, parents cry till die. choi!+*touchwood* -.- Or 12 Bulan Puasa. Rakan-rakan Melayu, sorry lah, kena puasa whole year, no time to raya also. really sibeh jialat.



If you have read HERE, you would know about


and yes, I'm going (i hope)! who else's going? Comment! :)

P.S.: Baboon and Munkey, I know i still READ THIS POST. sorry lah. this one I must watch leh.. XD after this one la. =P

im addicted to big-eyes-smileys! =)