Why Vampires suck?
Aug 2, 2010 Monday, August 02, 2010 | 0 comments


So basically, they have to decrease the amount of air between their mouth and the blood vessels to allow the pressure inside be higher than atmospheric pressure. Atoms travels from higher pressure to lower pressure, hence the blood will flow into their mouth, directed to th esophagus and pass through trachea they suck. At least I and many other million people think so.


Cause they are naturally too white. Imagine they are sick. It'll be like ... WHITE!!!

Because of that I cannot take picture with them.

There will only be 2 outcome:

1. cannot see them because I use flash. Ok that is friggin scary you know? -.-

2. I look friggin dark cause didn't use flash.

Anyway, there's this new movie! Vampires Suck

The official Movie Trailer

OMFG super cool!!! I like!

Can I go? Pleaseeee =)