i'm back!
Nov 29, 2010 Monday, November 29, 2010 | 0 comments

Sorry bloggie for ignoring you.

I'm getting lazy to blog! what! This is terrible -.-ll

I've been busy going out, and getting fat FML  Anyway, I'm here! =)


ALYSSSA NG JIA MIN. if you read HERE. you'll see this cheesenut FORGETTING MY BIRTHDAY. 
pfffttt kawan konon. 

She left to Singapore. As in migrate lah.

She's Alyssa. Very Alyssa-ish and promotes Alyssa-ism. 


I'll let the pictures do the talking.

i like this lah XD

Candid of Aly. And (white) her daughter Beh. 

Both just as weird lah
 That's why I love them. 

Blackden Brendan and Aly.
 The eyes the eyes.

Aly and Daniel

No, she's not drunk. 

Chinz and Aly

Natasha and Aly
they are cheating partners.

A standard conversation.
    " *talks to someone else* "               
    " EH CHEATINGGGGG!!"                   
    "me? Neverrrrrrrr.."                        
   "We're so over!"                              
   "We were over before remember?"   
   "We got back again remember?"        
   "Me? and you? NEVERRR..."               

#Repeat until we laugh and they laugh. Repeat about 5times a day. #
You have to hear it for yourself. I mean, YA LAH. X)

They can do this for 30minutes straight. True story xD

Shits, i realized i haven't start on that day yet fml 


we went to Sunway Pyramid for her farewell. Bowling

Her first time, apparently. she did awesome!
 I think she lied (sour grape HAHA)

then headed to PAPAJOHN's. John shop konon. No discount. 

  Cashier: *gives bill*                                            
  John: My name is John wor. No discount ah?        
  Cashier: errr...                                                  

HAHA. We are all proud to be weird. 

 I did that once in POH kong. AND. so happens that the sales person I talked to was a KONG. HAHA  ... lame. 

Then we jaccun-ed there. Took tons of pictures. I mean, HAVE TO LAH. 

daph: The BLACKS. 

(note that the brendan is wearing white, prem is wearing red and sud is wearing white? HAHA)

The black shirts

Oh! we bumped into Our teachers, tr. William and tr. Yvonne there. Yeap 2 person. ONLY.

Do you sense the something-ism? HAHA

The jaccun-faces

The Chinese

The Indians

Do you see Olivia? the one cut half in both photos? HAHA she's a Chindian. Chinese plus indian. So, yea lah. half in both lah! HAHAHAHAHAHAH

We bumped into this very hot girl who is also very very tall. And she was very nice to take pictures for us =)

Advantage of being tall #1: The picture is like, so clear. and from top view man... Awesome choice to ask her to help lah. 

just in case you can't get enough of us. HAHA

We miss you ASSYLA! =D