Helllloooo, CHRISTMAS!
Dec 10, 2010 Friday, December 10, 2010 | 0 comments

Hello mellow uncle jello! 
fine, it doesn't make sense but, it rhymes! and i feel like it, you blow ah? teehee

Christmas is around the corner! And something else. I forgot what. hmm.. i mean, cough MY BIRTHDAY cough


I've been eyeing on this N900 for like, a good nine months. And I'm still heads-over-heels about it. 

GAH come to me you, phone! 


I've always wanted a home sauna. So cool kayy.. I love sauna =D

But I won't ask for so much lah. so,
this is good. =D

okay fine, i'll settle with 

this. Rm680. I even have the address as in where to get it. HAHA! 


I mean, college next year? I NEED this lah.. 
(okay fine, I want it more that I need it. FML)

But if I get the n900 we can forget about this =D


ZOMG. Love this! =D

Opps, gotta run! Dinner time!

Oh! Get a peep at 

Have a laugh! =)