The Season Of The Witch Is Here
Dec 16, 2010 Thursday, December 16, 2010 | 0 comments

Haven't you heard? 

The season of witch is here! 
2010 is one special year, because it's almost like having 2 Halloweens loh! Fatabulous.

I don't know if it's just me, I always had the idea that wizards are good and witches are evil. Until I watched Harry Potter. Then I realized witches are just fe-wizards. (you know, like, fe-male?) 

Blame Disney! It gave me the idea one! You see all Disney cartoons wizards are good and witches are the ones who are evil one. And all the wizards are better looking than witches one! Disney is a sexist. FHL.

Wizards look like kind old man. Looking like, 

See his face also know he won't give you poison apple. wtf

Whereas, witches

look like Edward Cullen if he died at 52 years old

I have fear of  THAT pimple. Actually, I have fear of all pimple. Who loves pimples? Congrats, you are one in a brazillion.

Every time I see that huge pimple, I have a feeling it will burst. Then you have all the yellow goo oozing out. Urgh. Imagine it terkena your face. Woohoo, Happy birthday! 

Oh, I hope you are not eating now. Especially not mustard. (=

Another thing that freaks me out. 

Handcream SOS

If this was Twilight book cover... gone lah gone. 

All witches need hand-cream. Pronto. Their hands are beyond wrinkly. I mean wayyy beyond. They look like tree trunks! 

compare and see! seriously.

ANYWAY, my point is that The Season Of The Witch is coming! 

Season of the witch

Looks sibeh interesting. I want to watch! :)