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The tittle refers to the the trend made in Twitter by some so not youken-obsessed people.
 inside joke lol.


Well, as i posted previously, we went out on Tyk's actual birth date, 9th of December, to celebrate his birthday! Joy =)

For once I wasn't late and... I was circling LG1 looking for Asia Avenue. wrong floor wtf -.-ll

tyk .  jiahao

Went to Carl's Jr before the movies. I still get fascinated by the fact they sell cups instead of drinks LOL

oh! Try the combination of ice lemon tea and sprite! Awesomeness (:

Jiahao: *two cups with drinks in hand* Eh you want Ice lemon tea or coke?
Huiyng: Erm, coke lah
Jiahao: *sniff the cups* Err.. I forgot which is which.

LOL Epic Jiahao moments. I miss that. =)

Oh! There was some chemistry going on eh, Brian? hahaha
We think some guy thought Brian was checking out on him. The guy started constantly glancing back. HAHAHA

*coughs.* Moving on!

waiting to enter

We went to the movies. Youken, Jiahao and Sudharshn* watched The Social Network.
 (thumbs up for the movie btw)

*not Sudharshn the choco-ball(link). This is Sudharshn the choco-stick . I have Chocolate Series kawans! :D

The rest of us, Hanhong, Pamela, Jialu, Kashyav, Eugene, Fennie, Huiying, Brian, Sam, Boonyee, Meanshan, and myself, watched


Love the graphic, the scenary and Prince Caspian. HAHA
But the 2 journeys to find 7 swords is... potong steam. Cut too much out lah :/

"That's right, I found Aunt Alberta's candy under your bed! And I licked every single one of them!"


Left soon after some shopping for Youken's birthday. I didn't even see what they bought yet. fml.

Disclaimer: Pictures are stolen from LimHuiYing. Thanks! :)

Edit: AH! I just realized I haven't pay my share for Youken's present! FML. Reminder!